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Saturday, October 31, 2009

this is a happy day!

I am typing this from the Mac store, on my new MacBook Pro!!!!!!!! happy day!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

could you please take a number and wait for the next mood-change?

ooh wow. Meh. Grahgh. Rowr.

Facebook status as of this afternoon: Bethany can't decide whether to be ticked off, happy, satisfied, excited, sad, in the throes of cold wrath, depressed, or what. Welcome to being a teenager. Factor in school, parents, school decisions, and you get something remarkably close Crud crud crud.

It's been an interesting day. I got up all ready for a nice light school-load and a pleasant day. Tootled around on the computer for too long and got told off by my mom. I diligently applied myself to my studies for the next two hours. Pwned my bio homework through Monday; reviewed for the College Composition test; reviewed biology, took notes, tried to read notes, with limited success; lunched late. Mum came home. I tidied the kitchen, even doing the dishes as a tasty little extra to appease mom who was appeasement-worthy by this time.

Had a conversation about the scholastic plan. I think the worst part of school is trying to decide what to do. The trouble is always with me. I am not self-motivated enough to study and pass lots of CLEP exams [thus relieving the monetary angle of things]. I am going to have a "wasted year". We cannot afford to send me to college without alternative methods such as CLEPs. I am not self-motivated get the picture. I am spending too long on theatre stuff and Facebook. I would do school if I were told what to do [insert 1000-word discussion on the pros and cons of this, that and the other option. Including stuff that we discussed last year.] Why the dickens would I want to take Spanish I at a high school when I could be getting credit for it at college? I could spend three hours on Facebook if I were allowed to. Well what should I be doing? I did my biology didn't I?

Drat. I'm not trying to berate my mom. I'm sorry for loading this on you all....but then, what else are blogs for. Jest so's you know, this post may or may not be up here very long.

Eh. Biology is going well. Fungus. [Kendra, I will post something on the discussion board SOON! :) ]

Oh drat again. I just remembered some other schoolwork I could have done....

So you don't feel to sorry for me, please note that I did a grand total of about 3 hours of school today. That's a lot more than usual. BUT WHAT THE DICKENS AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING???!

Had thoughts concerning C++, computer programming, and such. I was reading along in a writing manual when I came to a chart of...."WOW! Computer terms, defined! Ohmigoodness! Cool!" Who cares that they're ten years old....bits and bytes. Haha, nothing above a KB was mentioned. Oh, these are the days of 200 gig hard drives...

Made a fire. I <3 style="">

Am reading Great Expectations again. I tried to read it at the tender age of 11, and failed. It's quite good. Now I must just convince my mom to let me finish To Kill a Mockingbird on my own.....

Oh splendid, I get to be busy tomorrow! [In other words, out of the house...] Dance rehearsal, and then off to Eva's for the evening. :)

Woow I hate the telephone. Every time it rings I jump and sweat breaks out and my heartrate speeds up. I don't know why, I'm not waiting for a call or anything.

I am considering participating in NaNoWriMo. Hm. I do have a story started, does that count if I finish it off? I really don't want this story to wind up in Unfinished Stories, much as that blog needs fodder...I'm working on typing it up even as we speak. My tiny handwriting is a major pain to read. I really, really like this story. But it needs m a j o r work. For one thing the hero is being set up with the wrong girl. For another, there is a mystery/thriller aspect which intruded itself, all unwanted, into the plot. For another...oh why spoil it? ;)

Ah. I just looked up the website and found started stories don't count. :( Oh well, I shouldn't have much trouble coming up with something...after all, it's quantity not quality and I do have plenty of that lol.....

I am really really excited!!! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green eggs...MacBook Pros...moldy tofu...

Yesterday our rehearsal went very well, the Director didn't go into hysterics although she came pretty close to it once....afterwards Eva and Dallan and I went into town for a bit. Cold, blustery, typical Oregon in other words. We went into the excellent little resale shop where I found my dress for the play and lo and behold, there was a pair of fabulous shoes, just perfect for the dress! Cute black pumps. :) :)

Eva had to go to ballet alas, but not until after we'd discussed Halloween plans....which brings me to another point: what costume should I wear? One of my friends suggested "a swine flu germ". hehe Any ideas? Something easy and comfortable. I have oodles of historical stuff.

Dallan and I made our way to the farmers' market to buy carrots. We then meandered under the bridge overpass to the Co-op, where we were to rendezvous with my dad. On the way I spotted some yarrow and picked some, on the condition that Dallan would make a tea of it to anoint his knee [a boil, I am convinced]. There was a surprising lot of yarrow. We spotted a bit of graffiti which we thought we recognized, on the side of the bike-path. Co-op. Tofu.

One of my hens laid a green-shelled egg today! Happy happy.

There is a large chunk of moldy tofu in the refrigerator, for next week's biology experiment. I feel like a walking cliché.

After biology class today we went to the Apple store and drooled over Macs. We've pretty much decided on the MacBook grandma is paying for it.

Then we went to grandma's and she fed us with tasty food =)

Monday, October 26, 2009


I've been awarded the awesome Lady Brainsample who regales us with tales from the far frontiers of stage life...a fabulously geeky-cool person! :) :) thanks much!

The Rules
1. Copy the Kreativ Blogger picture and post it on your page
2. Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog
3. Write seven things about you that we don't know
4. Choose seven other bloggers that you would like to give the award to
5. Link to the bloggers that you choose
6. Let the winners know that they have the lovely award.

Seven things you may or may not know about me:

1. I'm reading The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy right now: Bk. 1. I finally know what all the fuss is about. You can bet I know where my towel is. For as long as I can remember I have maintained that the towel is the peak of man's invention. I could not live without towels.

2. I'm a doomsteader. Another words [to quote Pogo], I garden, save, scrimp, and expect the worst and am very happy doing so. :)

3. I fancy myself a connoisseur of esoteric music: right now [check out my playlist] I'm listening to a fabulous song by a Swedish group, Garmarna.

4. I can speak a bit of French, and I can read it pretty well.

5. I'm in touch with someone who can provide me with an XLR-to-standard 1/4" cable converter for theatre business. btw, I love theatre business! =)

6. Sword-fighting/fencing is one of my favorite things to do, but I'm really bad at it.

7. I think cloaks are the some of the most awesome things ever [right behind about a cloak made out of towel material? It could happen...probability two to the power of ten hundred-thousand to one against and falling]

Seven people to award this to:

Olive Tree

The Reluctant Dragon

And oh yes, I'll try and post about today SOON! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

life in the land of the mixing console

Oh, good times. Yesterday we had a splendid dance rehearsal as evidenced by the accompanying pics. Perfected some snazzy tricks. Talked music. Tried to fit all seven of us onto one tiny flattened cardboard box [very interesting]. Felicity did a nice impression of a faun. Phillip did his very best "cat hacking up a furball". Dallan managed to flip me over his back without landing us both on the ground [as I did when attempting it with the hapless Felicity last week].

After that I discussed audio; came home and meandered upstairs to my dad's stacks of speakers and other stuff and..."What's this? A mixing board?!" It's an old Fostex x-26 muli-track tape recorder but I'm pretty sure it can be rigged to be a mixing board of sorts. I spent the evening curled up on the couch with it in one hand and the manual in the other, trying to get my brain around the concepts of "AUX" and "LINE/MIC" and busses and so forth. I'M A TECHIE!!! Oh yeah. Spent a looong time in Wikipedia today trying to figure things out.

The day's score has been a hot mix of '30s French jazz/swing [Django Reinhardt's "Minor Swing" for example] which I am sifting through for the play. We decided that Beatles, happy as they are to dance to, were too much of an anachronism. This is going to be one enjoyable performance.

We have plans for some sort of duet during scene change, there's a couple of duels [we do not think too much about the fact that duels were definitely out in the '30s], there's a sketchy spy in a trenchcoat, a beautiful German spy queen [haha] as played by me, there's two happy-go-lucky good-hearted [if blundering] British lads. Oh 'tis epic. All you folks in the area, come to the performance! The 21st of November: we shall trot the boards at the Western Star Grange....

I just realized that Friday's post was my 100th....appropriately titled "The times they're gettin weird". :)

You will find a new poll in the right sidebar. Also I finally got around to doing some much-needed rearrangement and house-keeping on ole bloggie! Check out the awesomeness. Also my new playlist! Hehe, gives you a sample of what my iPod set to "Shuffle" sounds like :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

the times they're getting weird!

First off, welcome and thank-you to my newest follower, Laurel! :) it's great to have another "real-world" friend along for the fun!

We delivered the hapless goat to the buck this evening. Quite the escapade: tried to figure out how to transport a goat all the way to Monroe in a car. The metal washtub proving too small, we resorted to lining the back seat of the Focus with a tarp and inducing goatie to lie down in the back with me sitting next to her. It was a long, long trip but no slip-ups...except that my dad put the rope/leash on top of the car and we drove off without retrieving it. It is somewhere on the highway...but that is as nothing compared to some of the things we have lost off of car roofs ;)

Culinary class was remarkably scattered. To begin with Nate was in a good mood and sort of bounced around. He sets down in his chair and scoots in beside me, making funny noises the while; I give him a sidelong glance and we both crack up. Good times.
Took a test but that was only a short while of our 1 1/2 hour class. Finished up a herb-spread we made yesterday. Another girl and I who'd missed a lab earlier in the week went off in search of apples with which to make our "apple-birds". That search led us to the ceramics lab where one of the teachers was reputed to have large quantities of apples. Up to the jewelery-making room. Found the apple, and back through the rain to make our bird. You make little, successively-larger V-shaped cuts and slid them out, sort of, for wings and neck and such. Had to return it to the original donor who was much impressed :) even though the bird's head kept falling off. On the way back we skipped through the rain which was now falling in objectionable quantities.

Yah, good times. Also I did a facebook quiz which I deem worthy of posting here...warning, it's long :)

What is on your bed right now?
blanket, flashlight.

When was the last time you threw up?
when I was 5.

What's your favorite word or phrase?
I'd have to say *hilarious laughter*

Name 3 people who made you smile today?
[That is not a question. It should not have a question mark at the end.] Nate, Katie, random gorgeous dude in pottery class [which I don't take..we were in there looking for apples..long story] and he was so intent on sculpting, I know it's weird to say a guy is gorgeous but he was :)

What were you doing at 8 am this morning?

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Talking on the phone.

What is your favorite holiday?
I like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I also like my birthday. [wow too!]

Have you ever been to another country?
England, Canada, Germany, Switzerland

What is the last thing you said aloud?
"There's tomato sauce there if you want it"

What is the best ice cream flavor?

What was the last thing you had to drink?
hemp milk.....

What are you wearing right now?
plaid shirt and blue jeans.

What was the last thing you ate?
I'm eating right now...pasta :) with aforementioned tomato sauce

Have you bought any new clothing items this week?
oh yeah. epic red and black dress for the play! [Photo coming soon...]

When was the last time you ran?
about two minutes ago, to stir the spaghetti

What's the last sporting event you watched?
nope, I don't watch sports

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Who is the last person you sent a comment/message on myspace?
Don't have myspace. but the last person I messaged on FB was Sophie.

Ever go camping?
only about every summer since I was born...

Do you have a tan?
Yes and no. [haha same here Josiah!]

Do you use smiley faces on the computer alot?
oh, but of course! :)

Do you drink your soda from a straw?
I don't drink soda

What did your last text message say?
I don't txt eithr

Are you someone's best friend?
I'm not sure...I'd guess so.

What are you doing tomorrow?
farmers' market, dance rehearsal

Where is your mom right now?

Look to your left, what do you see?
lots and lots of County Fair ribbons...

What color is your watch?
black and silver

What do you think of when you think of Australia?

Ever ridden on a roller coaster?

Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru?
I do NOT eat fast food.

Do you have any friends on myspace that you actually hate?
No. I don't have myspace.

Do you have a dog?

Last person you talked to on the phone?

Any plans today?
play practice, take Starlight to the buck

Are you happy?

Where are you right now?
family room

Biggest annoyance in your life right now?
the new Facebook...or being sick..or the fact that most of my friends are sick...

Last song listened to?
Mamma it! Dosvedanya mio Bombino by Pink Martini was also there...

Last movie you saw?
um..don't remember

Are you allergic to anything?
I don't think so.

Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?
yeah...Sophie and Emily Harvey know the ones I'm talking

Are you jealous of anyone?
hm...i don't think so, actually. there are a few things i'd change about my life but I wouldn't want to be anyone else.

Are you married?
no...oh wait...YEAH! hehe

Is anyone jealous of you?

Do any of your friends have children?

Do you eat healthy?
heck yeah! ;)

What do you usually do during the day?

Do you hate anyone right now?
not really.

Do you use the word 'hello' daily?
i don't think so.

How many kids do you want when you're older?
maybe 4 or 5

How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

Have you ever been to Six Flags?

How did u get one of your scars?
dude! so we were filming this one scene in the movie and I totally had to stand in the, you know, blackberry vines and my leg was like dripping blood all over and i go inside and the guys are comparing injuries 'mine was best' 'no mine was best' and i roll up my pants leg and they're all like "sweet! it looks like that A in star wars" or whatever and yeaahhh
I have no idea where that came from :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


-the goat is in heat and needs to get to the buck but my dad has a class and may not be able to drive me and Starlight down to Monroe tonight...

-my latest story is going well but the heroine doesn't seem right for the hero....the crazy tech gal is more interesting than the gorgeous actress in other words. But it will destroy the story to switch things now...

-a funnel cloud was reported yesterday, here in a state that never has tornadoes. we had a tornado last June...

-i think 1/4 of my friends are sick. Including part of the cast. i'm making deductions based on ambiguous FB stati and comments thereon....

-facebook 'enemy of the day' app. is FREAKY. just freaky. twice in a row...on two different days...two different people...but creepy creepy creepy.....

-there WOULD be a '60 minutes' special on swine flu on the same night I was taken ill....scared my mom I think...

weird times, huh? :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a few updates

Fever gone [at least for now], appetite back [in FULL force! :P] etc.

And I had an idea, whilst getting all enthused over writing [and brainstorming for Kendra here, AND reading Pogo Possum comic books which always gets the creative juices flowing] eh..where was I? Yeah...I was thinking about unfinished beginnings to stories. We all have them: 2, 5, 20 pages maybe, and they never go anywhere. And yet they are so good, or we would never have started writing them now would we? ;)
And I was wondering if there might be interest from my beloved followers [;)] in my starting a blog just for unfinished beginnings of stories, and such. I know there are oodles of writing blogs out there but who knows maybe this would be something new :)
Let me know if you might be interested...

dude! insane!

I'm feeling better today! Yesterday I was very, very sick. Fever over 100 til about 4 in the afternoon, chills, headache, etc. I fasted all day [that is supposed to be the best thing you can do for a fever], stayed in bed, and drank about a gallon and a half of water o_O blub

The fever started gong down in the afternoon and I became simply ravenous but I didn't eat anything. Perhaps owing to the 13 hours of sleep on Monday night, I couldn't go to sleep for a looong time last night. I was awakened from hard-earned slumber at 5:30 AM by an atrocious peal of thunder. At first I could hardly tell it was thunder, it sounded like somebody banging into random things. Only a few miles away I think.
Stomach making loud protest [almost rivaling the thunder], I decided I would not get back to sleep without food. Downstairs in the pitch-dark: eggs, fruit gelatin salad, buttered toast, MORE buttered toast, toast with peanut butter, etc. I'm on the mend, folks! :)

Hopefully my fever will stay down today so I can go to class on Thursday. And have play practice on Friday, and dance rehearsal on Saturday....

Other stuff:
I love Firefox!! Guys, seriously: if you're still working with that piece-of-crud Internet Exploder, go switch to Firefox or Chrome now. Oh the times that I have watched in helpless rage as IE "explodes" a page, opening myriad new windows....or stalls on some innocent page...or freezes the whole computer...these are the days of happiness, now!

I finally figured out how to type the é on a Windows keyboard!! [So essential for lucidity...] You have to hit the "number lock" key on th e right hand side of your keyboard, next to the additional weird little set of numbers. Then Alt+130. It's pretty easy to find a list online of other key shortcuts.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I believe I'm starting to 'Oink'

Yes, I have the dreaded flu. Probably swine flu as there's no other sort about this early in the season.

I'll give you the run-down on all the joyful manifestations. :)
Yesterday morning my throat felt a bit wacky, nothing to signify. It progressed somewhat. I spent the afternoon in bed and felt much improved when I woke at 4. Came downstairs and did soem computer stuff. By 6 I had the classic aches. And fever. Went to bed very early and spent the night tracking my climbing fever. Heart pounding so that the bed seemed to shake. Dizzy. Pain. Thankfully the sore throat was not too bad, I do so hate sore throats. I'm a bit better today but I plan to spend the day in bed and not eat anything.

So: fear not, peeps! The flu is not as bad as it's cracked up to be :)

However I am not looking forward to dealing with homework from culinary class, and biology, and rehearsal rescheduling.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin pie! And smoke! And Fall!

Baked a pumpkin pie today, yum-yum. The air is full of smoke, as the burn restrictions were lifted a few days back.
Went off bright and early to market of course. The rain began just as we were leaving and it bucketed down. I like rain in the abstract but not in the concrete. Or we could say that I like rain, I just don't like water falling from the sky.

Dance rehearsal last night was small but definitely not subdued. We rehearsed in a grassy field at mi amigo Dallan's hacienda. In the absence of sufficient boys/girls who can do boys' parts, I endeavored to flip the tiny and flippable Felicity over my back. We both wound up on the ground, fortunately uninjured.

WHY is facebook being so annoying?? I have a new message in me inbox but it won't load!! Grrr! And let's boycott Facebook chat, it just managed to completely screw things up. rowr.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

better today...

A very good rehearsal today: the acting was tolerable, the voices were tolerably loud, the memorization was tolerable. It has not been tolerable at the last rehearsals. I think we'll be in good shape by the show....Friday and Saturday, the 13th and 14th of November. Is anyone else concerned that opening night is on Friday the 13th???

I've got a nasty feeling that there will not be a large turn-out other than our families and the Grange members. I will have to send out copious email and Facebook notices!!

In culinary today we opened our books to the assigned pages and...."KNIVES!! *evil chuckle*" All about knives [for culinary purposes, of COURSE.....]. Ironically I had only this morning been doing a risky bit of knife-work [cutting a loaf of hard home-made bread on its edge] and nicked myself. Haha, terribly funny.

Sliced potatoes for fries. We had our rulers out as per instruction, the dratted things have to be just so.

After rehearsal the Fabulous Three [heh] headed into town. Eva had to get off to ballet but Dallan and I wandered about town for a bit. Endless jokes. Headed to the library; off to the farmers' market [which is a good distance, if you know my town].
We decided that I am the Queen of Weird, he is the King of Funny/jokes/etc, Laurel is the Queen of Dancing [been doing folk dance for about 13 years] etc etc etc.
Good times. But I am very, very disappointed that only one person commented on my last, intense post. If I have the wherewithal to be freaky-insane for a day, YOU have the wherewithal to comment! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are we witnessing Bethany's meltdown???

Yeaahh. Things are getting interesting around here. I phoned Eva Sunday night to try and arrange a theatre meeting for tomorrow. For some reason I began to crack up...I've no idea was dreadful, I was holding the phone way from my mouth as I hooted with hysterical laughter, and heard Eva worriedly inquiring if I was okay.

This, of course, was after the interesting play practice where I could be observed gasping with laughter on the front porch....

I have been all but called ...creepy ...about three times in the last couple of weeks [including on this blog's poll o_0 ....speaking of which, go vote!!]

I find myself occasionally scary.

Is it possible to get high on writing?? The answer, I think, would be yes. Stories, journaling, whatever.

Yesterday at a Theatre Business meeting I had a latte [ONE LATTE, for goodness' sake!] and became extremely caffeinated. Caffeine doesn't affect me: usually. Not so yesterday. Coffee: it's a one-way portal to the Twilight Zone in a cup! [quote stolen from somewhere]

I had the shakes for two hours. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I glimpsed my mom in the distance outside our house. Dealt with a few emails regarding theatre stuff. Caught roosters and palmed them off on unfortunate people. Worked in the garden for an hour with clippers, mowing down the seasonal weed growth; chuckling or growling occasionally as crazy plans danced through my fevered brain. OH YEAH.

I await your thoughts with anticipation!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

exhausted o_O

I can't do better than quote Josiah's FB status: WHAT A DAY!

So after market it was time for a spot [more like a few hours] of hauling and stacking firewood. Home for a minute and off to two hours of dance rehearsal at the Grange. For a miracle everyone was able to make it.
We blocked out the swing dance scene; learned some more fancy high-flying steps; tried to figure out important stuff like rehearsal dates, order of which pairs of dancers are in front at which time; ran to and fro [me]; exercised our thumbs afterward trying to deal with the question of rides home.
Then it was [for me] off for more wood-hauling. I am wooped, to quote Eva.

Am dealing with the unpleasant fact that there are only 4 more Saturdays for rehearsal before the performance. We really need to get our act together; I have to start tightening up on rehearsals; I think I need a megaphone.

I took this little beauty the other day.

Ugh I am so tired.... had to cancel my happy Saturday night plans to WORK. Ugh. And I was done by 6 so it would have worked anyway. Meh.

But at least rehearsal is going pretty well....

Epic times

The last few hours have certainly been interesting. Last night I did a bit of stretching and found that I can do the lotus pose, yay! Feeling like a piece limp....I took a nice hot shower and went to bed early, after a prolonged bout of attempting to pin down the rehearsal issues for this afternoon.

Around 4:30 AM I awoke and descended to check FB/email for communications regarding the possibilities of our dance instructor not being able to come to rehearsal. Dealt with another email and went to bed in a hair-tearing mood. Woke at a nice reasonable time [in the daylight, this time] and dealt with the inner New Ager [heheh] by a wee bit if stretching in the sun and breakfasted on herbal tea and plain yogurt.
Made a few calls regarding the infamous Theatre Business.

Off to market, where we bought a nice large winter squash.

On the way home we observe an unmistakeable "Garage Sale Today" sign outside of the palatial mansion where, local legend runs, the inventor of Round-Up resides when not plotting further assaults on the health of hapless weeds.
We never thought we'd get inside the gates, much less be pottering round discussing the merits of various roasting pans. Definitely posh....gilt-edged mirrors etc. But such an ugly, ostentatious house. And the yard [certainly treated with the family specialty] was painfully landscaped.

I am going to spend the rest of the day being glad I do not live there!
We bought the best thing there, a jumbo-sized tea-ball and also a nice metal platter. I couldn't resist posing in front of the perfectly manicured shrubbery, in perfect butler-style: We shall call this "Phipps, my buttonhole please"

Friday, October 9, 2009

I had a very productive day. Started out in the morning when I awakened to sun drifting out through fog. Spent less time than usual on the computer but I did get to chat on FB with one of my dear friends.
I next went on to fulfill my reputation for geekiness by proceeding to complete all of my biology homework/reading through next Thursday. Epic.

Did various farm chores: picked apples, napped [or pretended to] in the afternoon sun on the grass, gathered wild apples, sliced apples for the food dryer, caught roosters, palmed off one rooster and a hen on unsuspecting victims, fixed the stuck knob on the food dryer, cooked the lovely mushrooms that I had been meaning to cook all week [with tofu]

I have also been engulfed in a swarm of theatre issues. The Fourth Edition of the script resides on my desk, under pages covered with my signature messy handwriting, delineating strategies for pulling off a successful production.
-Set design?
-Curtain! [we have a dreadful problem with the curtain, the main issue being that it doesn't exist....yet. I have wild schemes for constructing something out of 2x4s. Does anyone have any input?]
-costumes: final decision
etc etc etc
And an update on the job situation: my parents decided they don't want me to work at fast-food unless all else fails [WHEW!!!] but I think I will put in an app. at Trader Joe's which is opening in our town in a few months. I'd still far prefer to work at the Co-op but oh well. So things are on an even keel for now.... don't buy anything, and keep an eye out for odd jobs. :/

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rehearsal yesterday was a debacle I must admit, at least for the first half hour or so. We attempted to figure out the choreography for the swing dance scene so as to be prepared for dance practice on Saturday; I really did not relish the prospect of trying to decide things under the interested gaze of a dozen bored dancers.

Eva's impersonation of the "dozen bored dancers" drew an immoderate amount of hilarity from me.

Then came this bit of enjoyment.


[Oliver Holmes (no reference to the author) enters]

OLIVER HOLMES: Here now, Charles. I would like to show you a few works of art I have just received from Paris. Charming little pieces they are. [Exits with CHARLIE]

You see we had to get Charlie offstage. Well it was really awkward. The audience does not want to watch any more swing dancing and here's Charlie exiting already leaving them no recourse.

Me: Okay, folks, here's the plan. We're going to cut out the "charming little pieces".

More discussion ensues, with me trying to hold back hilarity, especially whenever I look at Eva. I give up and rush to the door. Standing on the front steps of the Grange, laughing wildly, I think that things are in a pretty pass when the co-director is in hysterics offstage while the rest of the cast looks on worriedly and Eva tries to keep things going inside. Good grief.

Things went better after that. Finally Dallan, Eva and I went into town to chill for a while before we dispersed to our various activities [goat 4-H club for me, ballet class for Eva].

Beautiful classic fall weather, crisp but sunny.

Today I subsisted on raw tofu and pumpkin pie alone. Yum-yum. Drooled over a MacBook at biology class.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear dear dear. This is supposed to happen to people in books.

Yeah. My dad's pay got radically cut. We knew he had less classes to teach [and be paid for] than last year, but the new check only came yesterday.

And I was worried about getting a new computer. Now I'm worried about finding a job. The local nursery is not accepting apps.
I'm going to stop by Burger King tomorrow and pick up and app. This is easily the most humiliating moment in my life; I have often said [or thought] that I would rather do almost anything than work in fast-food. It's almost a moral thing, for me. But you do what you have to do.

Last night I was engulfed by a bucket of grapes [free donation from dad's they feel pangs of remorse? Je me le doubt. But anyway...] I had to deal with them then and there or they would turn into wine, blech. With a truly Herculean effort, I made a pot of jelly [syrup, more like] and stuck some grapes in the food dehydrator. Baked a pan of apples, and a squash for the pumpkin pie which even now resides in the oven.'s to Tech Week which Kendra is enduring.....first snow over at Gwyniver's, and her horse chewed a hole in the stable......Ophelia posted about the horrors of curling irons.....good times all round.

I'm off, folks! I love you guys!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The nerdiness is unimpeded

Oh, I'm a nerd! A bohemian nerd! Weird-is-awesome!

Or a geek, perchance to be?

Get your Daily Randomness right here, folks!

Culinary class was fun. We made ravioli from scratch. We're cooking them tomorrow. Yum-yum.....tomorrow, nom-nom. Katie was talking about chives and how their plant was decimated by the family dog...."She came over and-" "--nomnomnom," I filled in.

Last night after folk dance [which was really fun...I SO wish it were every week!!] I got to bed late, because I decided to have a hot midnight snack......grilled cheese sandwich. Toothsome.
And then [in bed] I decided I simply had to read the Lord of the Rings again. It's the seasonal Tolkien fit. I first read LotR when I was 13, and it was in the fall. So yeah, grabbed me flashlight [only for looking at the book was bright moonlight] and downstairs to hunt it up.

I slept in rather late this morning, consequently.

What is the plural form of 'phylum'? Is it phyla or phylae????

Phylum Graciliacutes, folks! Woot! And Class Anoxyphotobacteria! And YES I CAN PRONOUNCE THAT!!!
I believe we have some members of Phylum Graciliacutes growing in the pantry, where I stashed my pond-water sample cultures.

Bethany ought to be taking an English Comp class this year, she'd be so incredibly lucid and grammatically correct.

I'm knitting a hat on a circular needle. It [and I] got interested looks today in class. Nice thick fuzzy red wool. Last night I had to rip the whole thing out because I'd managed to twist it into a Mobius-strip somehow. Only one side....or something like that. More nerdiness, you understand.

Let's get that Mac and let the geekiness flow!!

Oh yeah.....the 'bohemian' bit came from what I'm wearing right now.....white hippy-ish peasant blouse with amber on a bit of awesome string, and well-worn cargo pants with an objectionable amount of stuff in the pockets.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A day in the city

Friday night I was lying in bed at 11 pm when I realized that the sky was NOT clouding over as predicted, and a frost was imminent. I hurried outside [well insulated] and encountered my dad on the same mission. We spent 15 minutes or so, working in the bright moonlight, covering tender lil vegetable seedlings with garden fabric.
Then back inside, which was pleasantly toasty and redolent with the smell of bread baking. Feeling a bit peckish, I decided to stay up til the loaves were out of the oven. Midnight snack, woot! Hot bread, smoked mozzarella, avocado.

Next morning 'twas off to market. Chilly but sunny, a perfect fall day. We bought [after much discussion] two lovely winter squash and a watermelon. My dad and I were both holding these big squashy-looking vegetables when we stopped at The Dollar Lettuce Guy for our salad fixings. He, being a jovial chap, commented on our burdens. "You have" "Problems," my dad supplied promptly. On the way to the car I said "Hang on, let me switch my problem to the other arm," eliciting more humor.

Then we left for the big city [ehheh.] First to a miniature show, where you can bust the price of a MacBook on a 6-inch-tall hand-carved wooden desk [from a burled piece of wood, hence the price]. It was even less interesting than I had expected. Spent way too long there. Off to Powell's bookstore where I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't find anything to buy. Things I read, or at least glanced through: Diseases of feedlot cattle, fashion guides, theatre costuming and makeup books, Things white people like, The end of food, guides on raising chickens, etc etc. and all non fiction.

Thus passed the day. The best part came at the end, in Borders Books, where I located the computer section and spent a happy 45 minutes reading about the ins and outs of Macs.

Am planning more good times this week. Rehearsal scheduling [pulls hair out in frustration]. Goat 4-H club meeting. Folk dance tonight.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bethany luvs her town :)

After school today I lunched in town with Eva and had a splendid time. Very autumnal weather, chilly and rainy at times. Had turkey panini sandwiches and gelato, then ventured out and down the street to Grass Roots bookstore which is totally my favorite bookstore in town, I could spend all day there :)

Then walked cross-town, passing by a couple of alley-ways. They have poetry and photographs on the walls. Haiku, drawings of plants. The back wall of one store is painted'd never notice it if you didn't look down the alley. I LOVE MY TOWN.

Got asked for directions by a couple of Japanese tourists. Petted a couple of dogs.

Then we found this awesome little consignment shop that I have never seen before. [It's only been there for three weeks, so no surprise :) ] It's fabulous!! Nice, hippy-ish and modern things mixed, fun scarves, cute shirts, natural-looking, very Bethany-ish, lol. I got a nice little plaid faded rose and tan dress, I can hardly ever find dresses that I like so this was a happy day :)

And I'm seriously thinking about buying a MacBook. But should I go for refurbished and save a hundred bucks, and possibly experience the dreaded Random Shut-down Problem???
If you have a macbook, let's talk!!!!!! [I'm currently operating on a HP using Windows XP, aka Windows XD: hahaha why are you using such a piece of misery?]

Bethie is happy :) But wondering how you make the (heart) symbol on facebook chat. ???

Thursday, October 1, 2009

hard-hitting ginger cookies and jiggling egg yolks

I had a really interesting day. At culinary class we had a guest speaker talk about making pasta from scratch.
"The traditional way is to take a mountain of flour and put the eggs in--a little mountain, a hill--"[chuckles]

Then for the carbonara sauce one of the guys was helping, with separating an egg. You take the yolk in your hand and dribble the white through your fingers.
-Levi, jiggle it!
-I'm jiggling as hard as I can!
-Whoo, that was awesome!

Off to biology class. We had a little expedition to the local stagnant pond, to collect samples. We were armed with ladles tied on to broomsticks, for added reach.
-That ladle is a masterpiece! Eh...okay, you can hold the masterpiece.

At the pond we were supposed to record in our lab notebooks what we saw and heard. Other than a small [but noisy] contingent of frogs fleeing into the water at our approach, there was not a noticeable amount of things to notice--quite possibly because we were making a certain amount of noise ourselves. There were some younger siblings along.
-Okay, I hear little kid screaming, big splash.....[I must hasten to explain that the splash was caused by the dog leaping in to retrieve a stick.]

Inside we played a review game. Cards with definitions on one side of a pair, and term on the other. Something like Go Fish, except it became evident that some of us were not as familiar as could have been hoped with the rules of the latter game!
Someone has, say, "eukaryotic cell" and asks for the definition, "do you have a cell that does not have any organelles".

Mrs. T: Bethany, do you have a parasite?
[mass hilarity]

Jonathan: Ooh, learning. I don't like that.

Mrs. T: [giving us a hint, for "endospore"] Now, if a bacterium is going through a difficult time....

Can't recall who it was: Does anyone have Fibrous Bristles?

Mrs. T: [More hints] Prokaryotic cells.....
Me:[happy to oblige, in a sing-song voice].....Don't have organelles!

More fun stuff:

-That's not the right kind of scribble!

I made another batch of ginger cookies tonight. They are hard-core. I used approximately 1/2 cup of powdered ginger, a substantial quantity of fresh grated ginger, and chopped candied ginger. Epic.