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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green eggs...MacBook Pros...moldy tofu...

Yesterday our rehearsal went very well, the Director didn't go into hysterics although she came pretty close to it once....afterwards Eva and Dallan and I went into town for a bit. Cold, blustery, typical Oregon in other words. We went into the excellent little resale shop where I found my dress for the play and lo and behold, there was a pair of fabulous shoes, just perfect for the dress! Cute black pumps. :) :)

Eva had to go to ballet alas, but not until after we'd discussed Halloween plans....which brings me to another point: what costume should I wear? One of my friends suggested "a swine flu germ". hehe Any ideas? Something easy and comfortable. I have oodles of historical stuff.

Dallan and I made our way to the farmers' market to buy carrots. We then meandered under the bridge overpass to the Co-op, where we were to rendezvous with my dad. On the way I spotted some yarrow and picked some, on the condition that Dallan would make a tea of it to anoint his knee [a boil, I am convinced]. There was a surprising lot of yarrow. We spotted a bit of graffiti which we thought we recognized, on the side of the bike-path. Co-op. Tofu.

One of my hens laid a green-shelled egg today! Happy happy.

There is a large chunk of moldy tofu in the refrigerator, for next week's biology experiment. I feel like a walking cliché.

After biology class today we went to the Apple store and drooled over Macs. We've pretty much decided on the MacBook grandma is paying for it.

Then we went to grandma's and she fed us with tasty food =)


The Reluctant Dragon said...

I love eating yarrow root. Do you?

It's that purple stuff at the roots which makes your mouth and lips numb.

Is your chicken one of the kinds whose name starts with A that I cannot remember? With the poofy neck feathers?

I have one of those. Her name is Nefertiti. =D

Evergreena said...

For Halloween I'm going to be my main character from my novel that I'm writing in November. So that means I'm going to color my hair blue and wear clothes that she might wear. My family might freak out about the hair, though. :)

Wow. Your grandma is nice!

Logan said...

You just need some ham to go with those green eggs...

Anonymous said...

Oh my word!!! can i join the new writing blog? it's, like, exactly what i do!!! ^^ please?

Bethany said...

TRD--wow, yarrow root? never tried that. Yah, I've got a lot of half-Ameracauna birds running around...daddy rooster was the Ameracauna. Actually a lot of them are half Silkie, so they've got the puffs on their heads but the feathers are ordinary. great fun.

Evergreena--cool!! hehe, my characters tend to be fairly there is an idea there, tho...thanks! i'll consider it..
yes, she is awesome =)

Logan--haha, I was just waiting for somebody to say that! lol

Tinydancer--you bet! It's not going anywhere with me as the sole author, haha. if you'd like to be an author, you'll have to send me your email I think [never done this before]. my gmail account is in the right sidebar or you can leave a comment on Unfinished Stories, I'll turn on comment moderation.

Einar said...

If ya'll would like an invite to Pen Wielder's Guild, a small writing blog I co-represent with Gracie, I would be glad to invite you.
We try to do regular prompts, as well as sharing ideas and asking questions. Randomness is encouraged.