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Saturday, October 10, 2009

exhausted o_O

I can't do better than quote Josiah's FB status: WHAT A DAY!

So after market it was time for a spot [more like a few hours] of hauling and stacking firewood. Home for a minute and off to two hours of dance rehearsal at the Grange. For a miracle everyone was able to make it.
We blocked out the swing dance scene; learned some more fancy high-flying steps; tried to figure out important stuff like rehearsal dates, order of which pairs of dancers are in front at which time; ran to and fro [me]; exercised our thumbs afterward trying to deal with the question of rides home.
Then it was [for me] off for more wood-hauling. I am wooped, to quote Eva.

Am dealing with the unpleasant fact that there are only 4 more Saturdays for rehearsal before the performance. We really need to get our act together; I have to start tightening up on rehearsals; I think I need a megaphone.

I took this little beauty the other day.

Ugh I am so tired.... had to cancel my happy Saturday night plans to WORK. Ugh. And I was done by 6 so it would have worked anyway. Meh.

But at least rehearsal is going pretty well....


Kendra Logan said...

Aw, busy!!


:) Keep having fun! I feel your pain.


Lady Brainsample said...

LOVE the pic. ;)

Rochelle Blue said...

You should do great during the performance! and try to take a small break from your crazy life... *hugs*


really like the picture!

Rebecca said...

Ooh, I love the picture! :-D

Bethany said...

thanks guys!! :) :) hugs back!

haha, yeah the pic was fun ;)