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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

better today...

A very good rehearsal today: the acting was tolerable, the voices were tolerably loud, the memorization was tolerable. It has not been tolerable at the last rehearsals. I think we'll be in good shape by the show....Friday and Saturday, the 13th and 14th of November. Is anyone else concerned that opening night is on Friday the 13th???

I've got a nasty feeling that there will not be a large turn-out other than our families and the Grange members. I will have to send out copious email and Facebook notices!!

In culinary today we opened our books to the assigned pages and...."KNIVES!! *evil chuckle*" All about knives [for culinary purposes, of COURSE.....]. Ironically I had only this morning been doing a risky bit of knife-work [cutting a loaf of hard home-made bread on its edge] and nicked myself. Haha, terribly funny.

Sliced potatoes for fries. We had our rulers out as per instruction, the dratted things have to be just so.

After rehearsal the Fabulous Three [heh] headed into town. Eva had to get off to ballet but Dallan and I wandered about town for a bit. Endless jokes. Headed to the library; off to the farmers' market [which is a good distance, if you know my town].
We decided that I am the Queen of Weird, he is the King of Funny/jokes/etc, Laurel is the Queen of Dancing [been doing folk dance for about 13 years] etc etc etc.
Good times. But I am very, very disappointed that only one person commented on my last, intense post. If I have the wherewithal to be freaky-insane for a day, YOU have the wherewithal to comment! :)


Lady Brainsample said...

Sorry!! I have my own meltdown going on right now. Foreiegner opens Friday, and I'm still having to read for people who can't be there at rehearsals. Not that I mind...:)

Danzibar said...

culinary experimentation is always top-notch! didn't'cha know? This post is quite tolerable... ;)

Bethany said...

:) :) thanks guys :)

Rochelle Blue said...

glad your rehearsal was tolerable, and not that bad. may your next rehearsal be wonderful!
and I am awfully sorry I haven't been commenting so much lately...
*bows to the Queen of Weird* ;)


Bethany said...

thanks Rochelle! no worries, you're one of my most faithful commenters :) *hugs*