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Monday, November 30, 2009

another all-nighter

yup. dead.

like 36 hours with no sleep, right now. it'll be a long night.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

no sleep

Pulled an all-nighter. Was going to go to bed at midnight (did, in fact) but then realized that I was going to be awake for a while anyways, weighed a few more considerations and went for it with a mug of coffee and Eddie.

I was forced to write in the spare bedroom above the kitchen, and in utmost secrecy, lest I fall afoul of a parent, who would doubtless insist on bed.

Got pretty chilly around 5:30. Very foggy, frosty. Not one wink of sleep did I get, but my word count is up to 24,046.

Actually am not suffering much: was able to stay awake in church. However things are striking me as way too funny and I look ghastly.

Please say hi, somebody!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

pretty much insane right now

cAffEine and over 11 hours of sleep last night, went into town with my dad and Eddie (laptop) and got some writing done whilst taking stuff to the recycle, books to the used-book store, Co-op, Staples for a laptop cover and rubber bands and a flash drive.

Have been writing sporadically all day.

word count is over 15 000.


around 3 i decided to go for the caffeine.

view my progress here!
cheer me on, kick me, hug me, rub my shoulders which are REallY sore for some reason, comment please!, make my a cup of cyber-coffee, etc.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Lol. So I was going to just reply to Einar's question about slugs in a comment...but then I decided, why keep everybody else out of the fun?

Einar said, "Ok, I gotta ask: "And then the slugs came"?
Please explain, this one has me up at night."

Here are some explanations for the more abstruse quotations in my sidebar.

"Alright, let's try that from the top...ready? One, two--oh and there's just one thing..."
-the Director

Most of these are from the filming of the movie. It became a local joke that Bethany (the Director) would say One, Two, oh Eva be sure and say that line louder...and Dallan don't breathe in the mic....okay, all ready? One, two.....we're going to try and do this...[actors sigh and start laughing] It was supposed to be One, Two, Go but never was. "You will get to three eventually..." which threw me off and I said Three, one time.

"...the Director's having a heart attack--she's turning purple..."

"He hasn't eaten his entire script yet, only part of the cast list..."
Oh dear yes. Phillip was eating his script at one point...I can't remember who actually said the above quote, I believe it might have been Sophie.

"Please do not leave your scripts at the set. I do not want your scripts!!"

"SCRIPT!! Where's my script?"

"That is the wrong script. "

There were several editions floating about. Director's Copy, Revised Edition, Scenes 3 and 4 (final), Final-final edition!!, etc.

"The Lord's Regents call for conditional surrender!"
"What are your master's terms?"
"That, uh, uh, I don't remember my line!"
[Director] "Yes, you can throw the rock at him!"
"That's firing on a flag of truce!" [talking about it later] " was a little rock, too. " "Oh yeah, 'CRUNCH'!" "Only a flesh-wound!"

Filming of an earlier move, "The Rose of Gondor".

Oar: *CRUNCH!!* Eva, who broke the oar: *shriek* Director: *hysterical laughter* Eva: Do we have any Superglue? Dallan: I think we're going to need that stick now! Phillip: Oh I'll start whittling!

the oar broke. Need I say more?

Director: Please do not push him into the pie. Or the candles.

Trying to to "push" a ruffian out the door of the tavern, without injuring the ruffian or the pie.

"You're the Director, NOT the engineer!!"
-Joseph, when I was trying to prop up the tent ridge-pole with a twig

Ooh yeah. Road to Freedom again: the ridge-pole of the army tent was sagging onto the heads of our six-foot actors. I suggested that it needed a wedge.

"Bloopers are more funny if you've seen the movie." "Bloopers are more funny if you were IN the movie." "But if you ARE the blooper, well...."

conversation at the cast party.

-*hysterical laughter from Bethany watching the day's footage*
-dad: It sounds like it must be one long "bloop"!

Director: I'm sorry, your face is just a little too big in the screen.
Phillip: Oh I'm sorry. I'll make it smaller.

"The reason I'm making a chewing sound is because I just put a carrot in my mouth"
-my dad

yeah, he answered the phone and it was one of his friends, he was still chewing on a carrot.

"...and then the slugs came."

**!!!!!!! Yes! the slugs came!
My dad, again. He was having some sort of sock issues. Couldn't find any, or some such. There is a long story here. The Sock Crisis of '09.... Anyways, he got his socks dirty mowing the lawn or somesuch (I think) and left them outside to dry, overnight. On the gravel by the garage door. Next morning: "The slugs have been walking all over my socks!" Bear in mind that the slug is Oregon's state animal. In talking about it later, and trying to sort out our ideas about the Sock Crisis, my dad memorably said "And then the slugs came."

"In Oregon there's the sizzle and then the drizzle"
stolen quote.

"Oh LOOK! A muskeg!"
"I don't get it about a muskeg! Muskegs do not have any moving parts!"

Trip to Montana last summer: I was in search of muskegs. They are little boggy cold ponds. I wanted to see one. I sure did...every half mile it was "Oh look! A muskeg!"

"Oak floors start out pink, and then they turn strawberry blonde, and then blonde, and then they get a henna rinse, and finally they get dreadlocks."

Yes, I said that. We were talking about the benefits of wood floors.

Who needs caffeine when you have adrenaline?

...discussed the agricultural prospects (which were no worse than usual....

"Well shame on you for being so amusing"
-Eva, to Dallan

"...we have to contend with the whoops factor..."
-me, again

This is something that I say a lot. The Whoops Factor is very often present in the background of my escapades.

"No comment! We are not taking questions at this time. "-as I come downstairs with my hair wrapped in a plastic bag

Yeah, I'd just done a henna rinse, and put a plastic bag over my head to keep the henna in for the prescribed time, and did not want to deal with people's exclamations below-stairs.

"Now this is an opportunity to sound really lame, let's not take it."
-Eva, whilst writing a script

"Quote of the day for Bethany: Crud!"

"I didn't get trapped, I got comfy [in the attic]."

I was hunting out some tent-bags in the attic and almost got trapped under some stuff. I got real comfy there on those bags.

"Bethany, it's not funny! Don't make it funny!"
after he managed to spill a cutting-board full of carrot-rounds on the floor.

"Dear...we aren't playing with ones...."
-Eva, as I try to palm off "two ones" in a game of Liar--I don't play cards very often....

"...the Tektonic Plate Theory of sheet-migration..."

have you ever noticed that sheets go one way and blankets go the other, and you are left cold in the middle?

"Don't die, Bethany! Don't die!"

I rather think that was Josiah, after I said something or other.

"We're in the Towel Rebellion of 2009...the Storming of the Laundry Vent....Bastille Day [Excuse ME, that's bath cabinet day!]"

The Towel Incident. Nuff said.

"Uh-oh. Bethany has her evil look on."
-Eva, at rehearsal
"Wha..? No, this is just my normal evil face is my normal face."

and just for fun, here are two more quotes off of my Facebook page:

Backward hats lead to trench coats, trench coats lead to evil glares, evil glares lead to the dark side.

haha, that was from Halloween. You remember, when I was being 'sketchy'.

"Let's not poke Fate in the eye with a rubber chicken."
-Adam, at one of the rehearsals.

I rather think I'd just suggested doing something even more crazy than the things we were already attempting to do.

That's not even including all the Guide quotes I could rattle off. Let's leave with this gem from Ford Prefect:

No, we're not home and dry. We can't even be said to be home and vigorously toweling ourselves off.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Preparations begin for Thanksgiving! I've had the menu planned out for days, today I got up early and made pie-crust. When I came back from school I tackled the pumpkin pies. ONE little squash, that was all: it made five pies!! Good grief. Midway through the festivities we ran to town to get more cream and go to the last farmers' market of the season. At the Co-op there were a grand total of 4 cartons of Lochmead cream left, where there are ordinarily several brands. I snatched all but one :)
Cleaned up the kitchen whilst listening to 30s French swing (thanks to Top Hats!).

I am very busy working through my C++ book; finished the first chapter yesterday. Wrote a program to solve for the length of the hypotenuse. The really great thing there was that the original program used a set value for each of the opposing sides, but I made it a user-interactive program by applying what I'd learned in an earlier to chapter to allow the user to set the lengths of the opposing sides!
hehe, for those of you who aren't programmers that sounds ridiculously abstruse, and for those who are it is a definite no-brainer, but excuse me if I'm more than a little excited ;)

Am making a pot of black rice to go with the lovely chanterelle mushrooms I got at the market. Tomorrow I'll do the potatoes, vegetables, salad, etc. My grandmother is doing the bird (chicken), cranberry sauce (two types) and some other things. Can't wait.

And because I'll be too buy to do the traditional "thankful" post tomorrow, here's some things I'm grateful for.

-Food. I don't have to worry too much about where the next meal is coming from. Heard Michael Savage on the radio today, he said something very true: go back a few generations in your past and you will find someone who lived near starvation. Unthinkably true.

-family: I have reasonable parents and it is awesome. I know that doesn't sound very complimentary but you know it is if you've ever had to deal with unreasonable family members.

-mah budders....I have some pretty awesome friends. This time last year I didn't feel like I had many friends; now I've got lots :) Due mostly to filming the movie, and a few other things. Love you peeps! And starting blogging last June: thank you guys, you really are awesome!! :) -hugs all round-

-the weather this fall! We've had a lot of sunny cold weather which I dearly love.

-music. I never really went in for listening to music until this summer when I got an mp3 player. Started off in the summer with country; progressed to Celtic, Celtic-punk, and etc, moved on to Pink Martini, various esoteric foreign groups, and am now in French jazz from the early 20th century. And of course Beatles, Paul McCartney, and more Beatles.

-the NASA grant that our robotics team got: we can afford to go to regionals!

-the situations that have developed in the past year.

-TIm McGraw. LOVE Tim McGraw.

-the fact that I have to (oh dear) find room in the refrigerator for FIVE pumpkin pies

-Eddie. My Mac. What a niiice computer.

-the fact that I'm thankful......

good night folks!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


got a tag from Olive Tree, thanks! :)

Do you like to write? ooh yes!

Favorite books? well go look at my profile why don't you...right now it's Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, all 6 books in the trilogy :)

Do you compose music/write songs? not much.

Do you like poetry? Love to write it sometimes, mostly when I'm feeling emotional. I don't really like reading most poetry, except Tolkien and Danzibar's stuff :)

Love someone so much who made you cry? yes.

Broken a bone? Nope. I did sprain my toe once though!

Been in a police car? No. There was the one time my friends were talking about how we'd bail each other out of jail with the random crud (lip balm, $3.25, rubber bands and such in my pockets.

Been on a boat? yep. Ferries mostly, and also the model of the Mayflower, and a house boat once. I've crossed the English channel

Fallen asleep in school? no.

Did you sing today? nope

KFC, Popeyes or Church's?!

Chick-fil-a or What-a-burger? the author came from another part of the country I think ;)

Starbucks or McCafe? Starbucks.....I don't think I've ever been in the one on our town though....if I went in, it would be for the wi-fi.

What's your favorite time of year? awk! hard one...summer...fall....winter if it's sunny...spring, not so much.

Do you ever talk to yourself? oh, but of course! I did tell you about the one time I had a latté and was gibbering to myself for hours.....

Do you have a favorite treat you like to buy on occasion? Seattle Chocolates! oh and raw goats' milk. Or maybe those awesome organic cinnamon rolls that Sunrise Bakery makes YUM

Do you believe the Bible is the literal Word of God and is infallible? yes! although I have to say, I have trouble accepting parts of the Old Testament :'(

What's your favorite sport? riding....if I had to take a sport in school, I'd go for wrestling, I think.

What color is your iPod? I don't have one. If I did, it would be green or silver. My SansaClip is red.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? England, of course. Mmm...Glastonbury in September...or in the snow...or White Horse Hill on the night of the full moon in summer

If you could go to any fictional place, where would you go? Awk! Middle-Earth of course!

Do you love to write or do you just like writing? love.

What do you want to be when you grow up? maybe a writer....or something in the theatre or film area....farmer...Montana organic cattle-rancher...then again, computer programming looks better and better...

Favorite animal? goatems!

Favorite song? far too many to name. Right now I've been listening to a lot of 30s swing by Django Reinhardt...Limehouse Blues was the overwhelming theme for Two Top Hats :) Then there's Gaelic Storm....anything by Gaelic Storm...or Flogging McGraw!!!! <3 (Just to see you smile, He's only Jesus, Everywhere) ....Copperhead Road....Band on the Run....Back in the USSR...Mamma Mia...Dancing Queen...Una Notte A Napoli....

Do you like school? Not really. depends on which part.

Are you a people person? yes!

Do you like to talk? Less now than I used to. love to talk with my friends.

Favorite food? cheese!!!! pasta! carrots! pizza (homemade...or from Big River restaurant, now that's classy), pecan pie, apples, raw goat milk, really good hazelnuts

Hobbies? hobby is such a petty-sounding word....specially for the high-brow things I do in my spare time. Reading, computer programming, fencing (when I can), writing of course, theatre, film-editing, gardening

Favorite author? Tolkien, natch

Favorite weapon? AHHH! Oooh yeah! *insane laugh* That's depends on how much time you have...I always carry a Kershaw flick-knife with me but that's more of an omni-tool. Now for choice I'd go with one of the big hunks of metal i have lying around....nice sizable straight hunting knife. For sheer style I'd go with a sword...probably a rapier or sabre, something light enough to wield easily but with a nice amount of power behind the slash. Maybe a short-sword.
For real-life defense I guess guns would have to figure into things. Prob. a small-calibre handgun of some type. And there are things to do with a piece of wood that would make you cringe. Actually anything can be used as a weapon.

Is this a fun tag, or are you getting bored? I like!

Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High school Musical? CACK no. Perish the thought.

What are you scared of? being sick. not being able to defend myself. economic and societal meltdown.

Favorite flowers? Roses. IVY.....

What is the expression on your face? Usual in-front-of-computer face, getting bumps over my eyes ;)

Color of your eyes? sort of grey-green. used to be blue.

Who are you going to tag and why? aww darn, is it over? :(


Kendra because we are eerily similar and she likes tags :)
Einar because he's one of the handful of people who regularly comments on my blog
Eccentric Simplicity because I know her in real life AND because I can never ever ever spell her name/website right, lol
Gwyn because I still haven't done the awesome tag she gave me a long long time ago...heheh
Ophelia because she had an awesome post about edged weapons the other day!

I'm not going to bother to go tell all you peeps that you've been tagged, let me know if you did it tho :) and other bloggers, feel free to do this tag too!

I really have to make my own tag! The "Bethany Tag"!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

we're done!

Ooog...where to start!

The show went very very very well.

Friday night's rehearsal (all 4 hours of it) went....that's all I can say, it went.....we had to deal with the fact that we had left it until 24 hours before the show to figure out the whole sword-fight deal. Finally decided to go with the sword-versus-pistol deal. I was in bed by 11 but was still awake at 1 AM :/

Yesterday morning, without enough sleep, I had to deal with various situations before dress rehearsal. I was able to locate a back-up for tech, as our techie was, sadly, laid low by illness. Hammered through lighting, stage crew, audio that morning: all without our main actor. Insurmountable problems prevented his being there. I had to deal with locking up the Grange afterwards and had such good times doing that. The dratted hasp on the shed door where the main key is kept is sticky in the extreme: I wound up punching it with my arm and elbow which got some attractive scratches. Note to self: always try kicking an obstacle before punching it.

Laid low at home for the duration of the afternoon. The show went perfectly, that's all I can say. I was horribly afraid I'd mess up my first lines (I had the first lines in the whole thing) but I didn't. After the dancing scene (Scene 2) I was so thrilled that it had gone well, and Dallan and I were so busy high-fiving each other after his next scene that he almost forgot to go back onstage :P

No slip-ups, no lines forgotten. All in all a very satisfactory performance. props returned safely to original donors, Grange tidied, etc.

After the show a lot of people (older, mostly :) commented on how they recognized the Django Reinhardt music we played between the scenes and in the dance scene, and were so excited to hear stuff from way back then :) which I find incredibly exciting!

I am fairly exhausted. Now it's on to Thanksgiving, and finishing up NaNo, I think I won't be able to do it :'(

As far as video: my dad video-taped it, I'm not sure what the quality is yet. I'll be editing that in the next week or two, leave a comment or email me if you might like a copy, or a copy of the movie Road to Freedom. Please note that I may need to charge shipping, I can't afford it otherwise :(

Duct tape was the motif of the whole thing. I was taping audio cables and extension cords to the floor, dancers were putting tape on the bottoms of their shoes to avoid slipping on the wood floor, I was repairing a rapier-hilt with discreet amounts, after the show I was packing up and found myself carrying a mammoth role of duct-tape. I've never used it much but I am now a fan :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

if anybody actually wants to hang around with a crazed theatre geek...

My day has been striped through with lurid melodrama. Actually that's painting the lily rather freely; but it certainly has been an interesting day.

Started off with me suffering the effects of yesterdays rehearsal. I am sore all over; I feel like I've been incrementally and gently ran over by a steam-roller. That ran like a silver thread throughout the events of the day. Started off to school at 10:30 as usual. On the way there I mentioned to my mom that it seemed likely Emily had had flu (she's been sick this week, as garnered from Facebook) and perhaps it was not such a great idea that I go to biology at her place this afternoon? My mom became worried and we wound up popping into my grandma's place (which is under construction) and I went upstairs to use the antique phone, as Grandma was out and we couldn't get into the lower part of the house. Got in touch, went off to culinary class. Nate was considerably subdued; his spirits seemed positively depressed. Poor fellow was starving himself for wrestling weigh-ins at lunch. Made stock with the turkey carcasses from the other day.

Off to biology: Emily hadn't had flu after all, yayz!
I was suffering from not enough sleep. Biology was hectic and long. I am in the interesting position of being the oldest (by a year or two or three) student there, and the most comfortable with the material we're studying, and the rowdiest. Which is crazy, as I am really not rowdy at all. They're just a very quiet bunch. I actually hadn't read much of the chapter in question, but flubbed through with no problem.

Off to my dad's school with Celi's mom. My dad then took me into town for yoga class, but not until we had stopped at the Co-op for some groceries. There was a posh Italian lady there passing out samples of fine olive oil and balsamic vinegar and such. "I feel pampered!"
There was another crisis in the milk isle when my dad collided rather emphatically with a lady who was going the same way rather swiftly. It was given to me to watch helplessly as this occurred, and then to choke in the background as he apologized.

I got to yoga class barely on time and hustled into a room absolutely full of people. There were about 15 teens there, when usually there've been only 4 or 5 at the most. Yoga class was good; my cargo pants did not help matters however. I actually do not have any sweat pants or equivalent....not handy.

I came out of yoga at 5 pm and was immediately plunged into another situation. My mom was waiting in the car and she thrust a cell-phone and address book into my relaxed, energized fingers. It developed that Dallan had called with the info that I could pick up the swords for the play from Phillip. This proceeding necessitated a few phone calls on my part. When I got to Phillip's I was confronted with a positive arsenal of edged weapons. "Here let me just run and get one other thing--" I finally decided on a pair of blunt-edged stage rapiers and a rather nice short-sword (to kill for!! It is awesome!) and longer rapier with a very snazzy guard. The back of the car filled with weaponry, we wended our way homeward.

Now there is an email on my inbox suggesting that we dispense with the sword-fight entirely. I should have got that's Tech Week, folks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a pearl necklace comes flying through the air...Dallan drops me on my head...yes folks, it's rehearsal

[EDIT Jan. 2011:]
This post is, without fail, every single week in my stats as a top-visited page. For some reason people have been reading this page more consistently than any other. WHY??!  Is there a link to it? Are you just attracted to the name? Or what? Please leave a comment, folks, this is keeping me up at night. =D

Wow what a rehearsal! awkgk

Got up at an early hour to take a test at the local community college, which I completely dominated. BEAST. With claws. And sharp teeth.

Rehearsal went was just really really crazy, more than usual.
There is one scene that I hate and loathe with a deadly passion. It's where Dallan and I are sitting on one side of the stage doing a mime bit, "in love", and he's giving me a necklace, and I'm all "Aww shucks how sweet" except it's all silent cause Adam is trying to come on and say his line. It's a painful scene to do because it is SO HARD not to crack various times he has appeared to be choking me with the necklace. Today we had a different necklace (fake pearls, those poppit things--but it is too short) and it actually was kind of strangling me, which did not improve the general situation of gasping with laughter, seeing the audience cracking up, seeing Dallan go to pieces, being aware that Adam was losing it. Augh. Then D was supposed to be gazing romantically at me and he was hamming it up: his chin on both hands, big cheesy grin, ahahaHAHAHA teehee *sniff* *gasp* sorry.

Adam: It's hard to concentrate, there's munchkins running on and off stage all the time! [Eva had brought her brothers along to practice their parts]

Then Dallan and I were practicing our swing dance and trying to put some more fancy stuff into it. We were trying to recall all the fun 'tricks' that we;d learned. We couldn't. "Let's dial 911--Phillip" was the general agreement. [He was our dancing instructor]. But we didn't; muddled through it and stuck in a rather snazzy bit that involves Dallan picking me up [over the threshold thing] and then dropping me into the splits, which is oh so much fun in my evil high heels. There was an interesting moment when he came very close to dropping me on my head.

Then there was the issue (which I did not want to address) of the absence of any form of swords for the sword-duel. I think we have that straightened out.

Also the no-curtain; dealing with sound effects; trying not to laugh.

There was the truly epic time when Brandon and I were onstage saying our lines and a pearl necklace came flying through the air towards us, from backstage. (It was, in fact, the same fake pearl necklace that had been choking me earlier.) Eva, doing Director down front, calmly said, "Continue. I'm going to go back there and kill them."

A few times back we were trying to work with the mics (which have now been dispensed with) and Dallan is backstage and I hear a scratch-scratch noise coming through the amps. (I thought it was Dallan touching the mic but turns out it was his dad scraping some paint. ) Eva says, "Okay the scritchy-scratch noise, not so much". GASP hahaha

Then there was the fake cigarette and the question of when, if ever, it should be brought out in the "Splendid....nomnomnom....evil grin" scene (haha, only the actors know what I'm talking about :) There was the consideration that it was better if it were not 'burning' a hole in Dallan's pocket in the meantime :D

The issue of finding a trenchcoat for Vivian [me] in the first scene.....also a hat....

Brandon grabs Dallan around the neck and drags him over to me [as per my anguished demand] to practice the dance again.

Adam: If must be done, tis better tis were quickly (or something like that) as we deliberate going through it one more time.

huykcg! Can't believe we only have two more rehearsals! panic!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm sitting on a very narrow and uncomfortable bench in front of our woodstove with Eddie [laptop] perched on my legs which are in turn propped up on a BEAST of an amp....there's a library copy of Life, the Universe and Everything [third Hitchhiker's book] on the floor.....another, smaller amp nearby.....Seeds of Change guide for the Freshman College Composition test next to me.....test tomorrow, ugh. And rehearsal tomorrow--yayz!

I need to get hold of the fencing swords for tomorrow's practice but goodness knows how I'm going to get hold of them.....

Went to a photo shoot yesterday with the actors from Two Top Hats....great fun and it didn't rain :) We poked round excellent alleys. Feet hurt now from wearing those hot but painful high heels.....

Placed an order at our splendid local library for a C++ stuffs! Just the thing to hole up with over Thanksgiving. I really really want it to come SOON....

Which reminds me: who besides me thinks it is sad that there will only be 4 people at the table for Thanksgiving? :( :( wahhhh!

Just went out to get the the dark and cold.....

Estoy muy occupado mañana.....sweet....I just said my first coherent sentence en español.....not really first, first after listening to erm erm what's the name of the CD set....oh yeah, Míchel Tómas....getting fancy with the option key, lol.....

And here's a cloud of Facebook words..... :) Who would have thought that rehearsal and awesome would be my top words? ;P

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Interesting times :)

I had to rise at an unseemly hour in order to go to this craft show with my mom. I didn't want to go but had to in order to get to class on time. It was in an old grange, filled with middle-aged ladies and holiday crafts. I was outta there in about ten minutes. Went directly to culinary class.

After that I rendezvoused with Dallan [we'd previously arranged all the details] and started walking towards downtown. Fortunately the rain let up for most of the time. Eva had planned to join us but she called in sick alas. It seems like a lot of people were sick about three weeks ago, they all recovered, and now the next batch is ill. I do hope everyone is recovered by the show....

Anyways, we pottered around town for a while. Actually pottered is not really the right term, we walked quite briskly. On the train tracks, sometimes. Hit most of the literary spots in town: library, The Book Bin [used], Borders, Grass Roots which is celebrating their 38th birthday today. Actually the festivities were supposed to pick up around 6, so it should be quite lively over there about now :) Grass Roots is the splendid independent bookstore in town, a local legend.

There was a nasty sticky bit of business involving transportation. But we worked through it and I am glad to be off my feet, we must have walked over a mile.

Let's see. What else is new. C++: yeaahh, it would REALLY help if my programming book were more recent than Found a good tutorial online at and got the classic Hello World program to work!!!!! Awesome!!

NaNo: started working on it again! I still loathe my NaNo Stats page though....hehe.

Theatre: our rehearsal on Wednesday was good. We had a certified Awesome Techie on audio. Am still trying to work out the issues of feedback. And the receiver takes 6 AA batteries in its mouth and goes NOMNOMNOM then ooops low battery.

Theatre consumes my every thought. It's getting obsessive. I look at random attic-stuff and say 'OOH! Audio cables!". Today at the craft show I spied a STAGE at one end of the Grange. Small, but serviceable with two entrances and a curtain. Mmm.

And AWWKKH I just remembered that I don't have the music for tomorrow's dance practice....argh....

Today was Talk Like A Brit Day! [ declared by me :) ] I talked posh at intervals, lol.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello World!

Bethany's brain is going ngpgraxngraxxfshlkhhhkp, preceding a classic feeble squawk and death. [explanation: trying to understand Xcode]

Wow it's been a while :)
NaNo is at a stand-still, I'm way behind, and I don't really care. I still want to finish my story but programming is the new thing...yeahhh. I got out a book on C++ from the library the other day and have been plowing through it. Installed Xcode. Tried to get a simple "Hello World!" program to run and ran into road-blocks. Did a lot of poking around forums tenanted by programmers with names like "Hassan" and "FeralDruid-0n-WoW" and such ;)

Finally got it working [yes, it would help if the template I was using was actually for C++....heh]. SO exciting! :)

I have an audio system!!! We will ROCK THE HOUSE on the 21st!!!!!
[oh that's so awesome! I just discovered that my MacBook has a lil green light that goes on whenever you're in caps lock! :) ]

Yeah...Lavaliere wireless mics, on loan from the studio. They run on AA batteries so it's time to pack my pockets o_O

I feel SO DRATTED NERDY!!!!! :) *thumbs up* -congratulate me- *big evil grin*

Fear me, I am a programmer......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

good times :)

NaNoWriMo is my chief concern right now. My current word count is 3847 which is considerably less than my suggested count for today :( I really hope I can get caught up....I sit in front of my laptop, I'm like the Earl of Sandwich who so loved his card-games that he had people bring him bread and cheese at his table. 

The excellent Kendra has an excellent post here, on the controversial subject of Twilight. Yet another subject on which our brains run along the same un-worn grooves...

Culinary class on Tuesday was a débacle. We had a substitute teacher. Attempted to make mayonnaise from scratch. There was confusion over amounts, recipes etc. Our major problem was the fact that we pasteurized the eggs a little too long and they became soft-boiled eggs. What a day.

After culinary class on Wednesday I decided that the lovely sunny day ought not to be wasted. Schoolwork finished, I arranged to hang out with Dallan in town. We meandered [I like that word] all over, from Central Park to the riverfront, to farmers' market, etc. Bought eggs and tomatoes at market; talked in British accents for a while; discussed rehearsal, naturally. 

Rehearsal was fabulous:  people wore their costumes and it was amazing what a difference it made to their acting, they were hamming up up, it was awesome. 

Yesterday was very packed, first culinary class, then off to biology at the other end of town, yoga class which was splendid, home for a wee space of time then to goat 4-H club. We're meeting round this year, at peoples' houses. 

I knew there was going to be an incident of some sort: It was dark, raining, we got a late start, the directions were not epic. We went right past the house the first time. There was a fellow out in the [steep] driveway directing traffic. I came in late, was immediately plunged into a huge group of people, half of whom I didn't know and half of the people I do know weren't there. I was in a chair at the corner of the table, squeezed in behind the first row, lacking an agenda and jotting notes on my goat-glossary balanced on my hand. Things improved as the evening went along. Haha, specially when we went out to see their goat-barn and I was able to proffer the use of a flashlight which I had prudently packed in my jeans-pocket. 

Today culinary class was awesome: we didn't have a test after all, and we baked pies. Yum. 

Time for another blog make-over! 

Vote in the polls! Oh yes: my NaNo heroine's name is now Carissa, but her best friend does Not seem like a Megan.  :(  And the hero is boring. And the plot is nebulous at best. Meh. 

I'm still happy, folks! Good times! 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

all hallows' Eva [lol...couldn't resist]

November 1
Happy All Saints' Day, everyone!
I'm covered in alpaca spit, my calf muscles hurt, I was away from home for 24 hours, I wore high heels for way too long, it was an awesome-awesome weekend!!!

Started out on Saturday morning with market. Then to the Mac store where I posted the jubilatory post below this :) Yes, I am the owner of a MacBook Pro...getting used to the new keyboard o_O

Off to swing dance rehearsal which went well. We are getting pretty good :) Lisa and Felicity managed to nail the epic flip-over-the-back step, yayz! After that it was home for a few hours, packing, chores, before heading off to Eva's.
A side note here: the home-town team [the Beavers] won their game against UCLA!!!! It was evidently a close shave but still woot-worthy. U of O [rival team] won their game too: Oregon was well represented all round :)
Eva's family has 8 kids; it was a LOT more exciting than being at home :D When I arrived [in a rather pretty dress] they were in the midst of pumpkin-carving and the excitement [and pumpkin seeds] was thick in the air. I decided t ditch the pretty [and uncomfortable] dress in favor of jeans and t-shirt, and I actually never put it back on, lol

Dinner was frantic, in the tradition of Halloweens everywhere. We were going to make grilled cheese sandwiches, but there wasn't any bread. Settled on vegetable soup and canned chili and cheese and salad and potatoes. I had a potato...another potato....several potatoes...this wouldn't happen to be an abandoned potato, would it?
Then the younger element headed off for the nocturnal escapades, and Eva and her grandmother and I settled in with cups of tea and one ear fixed on the doorbell. Eva popped off to get a movie at one point. Then [near the end of the evening] I happened to look out and see people on the back lawn o_O It was about half of the family coming back :)
After seeing a batch of trick-or-treaters in mafia attire, I decided I wanted to be sketchy. Sketchy I certainly was. Borrowed a black trench-coat and baseball cap from Eva's folks. The rhinestone necklace added a quiet touch of insanity. My high-heeled black pumps added to the image. They also added to my trials going up the front stairs. Eva and I made one foray out up the hill, to be introduced to the new neighbors.

Later we watched the movie...."Imagine That". Very lame, please don't waste your time with it :D It was a bit funny in parts. Still had a good time :) Around 10:30 the family headed to bed. Eva and I talked for a bit and then decided we needed a midnight snack. Downstairs, very hush-hush, to have a bowl of cereal. Two bowls of cereal, in my case...I luv raisin-bran...
Back upstairs where we chatted about our various writing endeavors, and I mentioned NaNoWriMo in the most enthusiastic terms :)
Got to sleep around midnight, pretty good all things considered. We were sleeping on the floor and somewhere in the wee hours of the night I adopted the ancient family tradition if sleeping with one's neck on a rolled-up t-shirt.
I was up a bit before Eva [as is usual for me at sleep-overs] and meandered downstairs around 8 new time. Had a cup of tea on the porch. Eva's house has the most lovely view out over the valley. Beautiful clear morning. I poured more water on the tea-bag and did some yoga. Breakfast was a casual affair but tasty :) I only had the one tea-bag but I believe I had about 4 cups of tea all total. that an abandoned potato from last night??  

Off to church where I realized that Communion wine on an empty stomach [I'd eaten early and church was late :P] was possibly not the most brilliant idea ever.  (It was Eva's church, not the one I usually attend. Lutheran, hence the wine)
Potluck afterwards and some of the family, myself included, walked home in the sunshine which made me happy.
We had not been home more than about 15 minutes [enough time for me to scrounge another cup of tea] when it developed that there was an expedition to a local organic farm in the offing. I called home and got permission to go. Eva, her mom and grandma and another lady and myself all headed off [still in Sunday best]. The farm-store was closed but we went to the alpaca-farm and shop which was in the same area. 

Very cute alpacas....nice wool-goods in the store...darling alpacas....oh dear. Eva and I both got spat at by the darling alpaca. We were falling about with laughter and trying to wipe bits of partly-digested grass off each other, meanwhile resolving not to ever raise alpacas. We related the happy incident to her dad later. He observed that the grass had probably been around for a while since alpacas are [I think] ruminants. Eva mentioned that that was disgusting. Her dad said she was the one who'd brought it up in the first place. I, ever eager to display my wit, joked that the alpaca was the one who'd 'brought it up' first. Teehee.
Anyways, after the alpacas we decided to head off to the hazlenut farm. Samples. Yum. Hazlenut ice cream, an Oregon specialty. Even more yummy. It was 4 in the afternoon by this time and I'd intended to be home around 1. Oh well. My dad and I stopped at the Co-op on our way home. He'd brought the Mac [to show my grandma] and I was tapping away in the Co-op parking lot, and logged into the Co-op's free wifi. Happy day. I didn't get home til 5. I didn't go to folk dance was just too much and I wanted to stay home with my Mac. 

Speaking of which....there seems to be a consensus that I need to name it. I was thinking maybe Eddie [Guide stuff :) ] but do you have any thoughts? Something short and perhaps a bit cute. 

In short, my weekend was beyond awesome!