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I talk a lot about patriocentricity here on A Selection of Varied Topics.
There are varying definitions of patriocentricity [father-centric home leadership], but most people agree it's a corruption [or carrying to the logical conclusion] of patriarchy.

Here are some key posts on the topic, in chronological order:

'Things which have bothered the Bethie for a while '  In which I first subject an unsuspecting public to the traumas of patriocentricity.

'Post # 2 on serious topics ' In which I talk about courtship.

'Yet another epic blog post ' In which I approve of Michael Pearl.

'And, finally, peace.'  In which I think I've got the answer.

'Letter to the Botkin sisters ' In which I write a letter to the Botkin sisters.

'You could, in a way, say we've declared war. '  In which I give an inspiring speech and RALLY THE TROOPS to NOT wage war on the patriocentrists.

'A Steadfast response to charges of legalism' In which I claim that patriocentrists are not interested in either reconciliation or avoiding legalism.

'Time for a rant!' In which I partially review the patriarchal book So Much More, by the Botkin sisters.