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Friday, October 30, 2009

could you please take a number and wait for the next mood-change?

ooh wow. Meh. Grahgh. Rowr.

Facebook status as of this afternoon: Bethany can't decide whether to be ticked off, happy, satisfied, excited, sad, in the throes of cold wrath, depressed, or what. Welcome to being a teenager. Factor in school, parents, school decisions, and you get something remarkably close Crud crud crud.

It's been an interesting day. I got up all ready for a nice light school-load and a pleasant day. Tootled around on the computer for too long and got told off by my mom. I diligently applied myself to my studies for the next two hours. Pwned my bio homework through Monday; reviewed for the College Composition test; reviewed biology, took notes, tried to read notes, with limited success; lunched late. Mum came home. I tidied the kitchen, even doing the dishes as a tasty little extra to appease mom who was appeasement-worthy by this time.

Had a conversation about the scholastic plan. I think the worst part of school is trying to decide what to do. The trouble is always with me. I am not self-motivated enough to study and pass lots of CLEP exams [thus relieving the monetary angle of things]. I am going to have a "wasted year". We cannot afford to send me to college without alternative methods such as CLEPs. I am not self-motivated get the picture. I am spending too long on theatre stuff and Facebook. I would do school if I were told what to do [insert 1000-word discussion on the pros and cons of this, that and the other option. Including stuff that we discussed last year.] Why the dickens would I want to take Spanish I at a high school when I could be getting credit for it at college? I could spend three hours on Facebook if I were allowed to. Well what should I be doing? I did my biology didn't I?

Drat. I'm not trying to berate my mom. I'm sorry for loading this on you all....but then, what else are blogs for. Jest so's you know, this post may or may not be up here very long.

Eh. Biology is going well. Fungus. [Kendra, I will post something on the discussion board SOON! :) ]

Oh drat again. I just remembered some other schoolwork I could have done....

So you don't feel to sorry for me, please note that I did a grand total of about 3 hours of school today. That's a lot more than usual. BUT WHAT THE DICKENS AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING???!

Had thoughts concerning C++, computer programming, and such. I was reading along in a writing manual when I came to a chart of...."WOW! Computer terms, defined! Ohmigoodness! Cool!" Who cares that they're ten years old....bits and bytes. Haha, nothing above a KB was mentioned. Oh, these are the days of 200 gig hard drives...

Made a fire. I <3 style="">

Am reading Great Expectations again. I tried to read it at the tender age of 11, and failed. It's quite good. Now I must just convince my mom to let me finish To Kill a Mockingbird on my own.....

Oh splendid, I get to be busy tomorrow! [In other words, out of the house...] Dance rehearsal, and then off to Eva's for the evening. :)

Woow I hate the telephone. Every time it rings I jump and sweat breaks out and my heartrate speeds up. I don't know why, I'm not waiting for a call or anything.

I am considering participating in NaNoWriMo. Hm. I do have a story started, does that count if I finish it off? I really don't want this story to wind up in Unfinished Stories, much as that blog needs fodder...I'm working on typing it up even as we speak. My tiny handwriting is a major pain to read. I really, really like this story. But it needs m a j o r work. For one thing the hero is being set up with the wrong girl. For another, there is a mystery/thriller aspect which intruded itself, all unwanted, into the plot. For another...oh why spoil it? ;)

Ah. I just looked up the website and found started stories don't count. :( Oh well, I shouldn't have much trouble coming up with something...after all, it's quantity not quality and I do have plenty of that lol.....

I am really really excited!!! :)


Evergreena said...

About Nanowrimo-- DO IT DO IT DO IT! But don't get stressed about it. It's tons of fun. And if you really wanted to, you could continue a story you already have, just don't count the words you've got so far. But then again, it might be even more fun to start with a fresh, new plot. And if you do sign up for Nano, don't hesitate to "buddy" me.

Sorry, I can't help you too much with Darth Real Life. :)

Kendra Logan said...

Ugh, I'm in the same boat with my school work except I have longer before college, I think. It definitely sucks. I'm sorry! Prayers are going up as we speak!


Einar said...

Bleh, you an me both, I need to learn how to speak Parenteese;P