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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rehearsal yesterday was a debacle I must admit, at least for the first half hour or so. We attempted to figure out the choreography for the swing dance scene so as to be prepared for dance practice on Saturday; I really did not relish the prospect of trying to decide things under the interested gaze of a dozen bored dancers.

Eva's impersonation of the "dozen bored dancers" drew an immoderate amount of hilarity from me.

Then came this bit of enjoyment.


[Oliver Holmes (no reference to the author) enters]

OLIVER HOLMES: Here now, Charles. I would like to show you a few works of art I have just received from Paris. Charming little pieces they are. [Exits with CHARLIE]

You see we had to get Charlie offstage. Well it was really awkward. The audience does not want to watch any more swing dancing and here's Charlie exiting already leaving them no recourse.

Me: Okay, folks, here's the plan. We're going to cut out the "charming little pieces".

More discussion ensues, with me trying to hold back hilarity, especially whenever I look at Eva. I give up and rush to the door. Standing on the front steps of the Grange, laughing wildly, I think that things are in a pretty pass when the co-director is in hysterics offstage while the rest of the cast looks on worriedly and Eva tries to keep things going inside. Good grief.

Things went better after that. Finally Dallan, Eva and I went into town to chill for a while before we dispersed to our various activities [goat 4-H club for me, ballet class for Eva].

Beautiful classic fall weather, crisp but sunny.

Today I subsisted on raw tofu and pumpkin pie alone. Yum-yum. Drooled over a MacBook at biology class.

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