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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A day in the city

Friday night I was lying in bed at 11 pm when I realized that the sky was NOT clouding over as predicted, and a frost was imminent. I hurried outside [well insulated] and encountered my dad on the same mission. We spent 15 minutes or so, working in the bright moonlight, covering tender lil vegetable seedlings with garden fabric.
Then back inside, which was pleasantly toasty and redolent with the smell of bread baking. Feeling a bit peckish, I decided to stay up til the loaves were out of the oven. Midnight snack, woot! Hot bread, smoked mozzarella, avocado.

Next morning 'twas off to market. Chilly but sunny, a perfect fall day. We bought [after much discussion] two lovely winter squash and a watermelon. My dad and I were both holding these big squashy-looking vegetables when we stopped at The Dollar Lettuce Guy for our salad fixings. He, being a jovial chap, commented on our burdens. "You have" "Problems," my dad supplied promptly. On the way to the car I said "Hang on, let me switch my problem to the other arm," eliciting more humor.

Then we left for the big city [ehheh.] First to a miniature show, where you can bust the price of a MacBook on a 6-inch-tall hand-carved wooden desk [from a burled piece of wood, hence the price]. It was even less interesting than I had expected. Spent way too long there. Off to Powell's bookstore where I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't find anything to buy. Things I read, or at least glanced through: Diseases of feedlot cattle, fashion guides, theatre costuming and makeup books, Things white people like, The end of food, guides on raising chickens, etc etc. and all non fiction.

Thus passed the day. The best part came at the end, in Borders Books, where I located the computer section and spent a happy 45 minutes reading about the ins and outs of Macs.

Am planning more good times this week. Rehearsal scheduling [pulls hair out in frustration]. Goat 4-H club meeting. Folk dance tonight.

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