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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear dear dear. This is supposed to happen to people in books.

Yeah. My dad's pay got radically cut. We knew he had less classes to teach [and be paid for] than last year, but the new check only came yesterday.

And I was worried about getting a new computer. Now I'm worried about finding a job. The local nursery is not accepting apps.
I'm going to stop by Burger King tomorrow and pick up and app. This is easily the most humiliating moment in my life; I have often said [or thought] that I would rather do almost anything than work in fast-food. It's almost a moral thing, for me. But you do what you have to do.

Last night I was engulfed by a bucket of grapes [free donation from dad's they feel pangs of remorse? Je me le doubt. But anyway...] I had to deal with them then and there or they would turn into wine, blech. With a truly Herculean effort, I made a pot of jelly [syrup, more like] and stuck some grapes in the food dehydrator. Baked a pan of apples, and a squash for the pumpkin pie which even now resides in the oven.'s to Tech Week which Kendra is enduring.....first snow over at Gwyniver's, and her horse chewed a hole in the stable......Ophelia posted about the horrors of curling irons.....good times all round.

I'm off, folks! I love you guys!


Danzibar said...

indeed! Life is good...I hope you are able to find a job soon!

Bekah said...

Ah...sorry about that!
Grr! I would hate to work in a fast food restuarant! So boring! Tell me how it goes. :)


Gwyniver said...

Ugh. That's too bad! I'll be a pray'n for ya!!
{You really were amused at my horse's behavior, weren't you? :P)

Kendra Logan said...

Ooh, definitely will be praying! Gosh, I'm so sorry :(

Thanks for the cheer about tech week :) Today, lol!


Evergreena said...

Oh, no! I'll pray, too!

Sophie said...

Oh ew, Burger King! You should be sure to apply other places too. Fast food could be a quick fix but if something better comes along, you can get the hell out of there! :P
Good luck, I'm job scouting too.

Bethany said...

thank you all!! :) :)

thank heavens I do Not have to work at Burger King; I really should update y'all on the job situation in a post...but Trader Joe's looks like a possibility. Still not my first choice but a whole lot better than fast food