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Monday, October 5, 2009

The nerdiness is unimpeded

Oh, I'm a nerd! A bohemian nerd! Weird-is-awesome!

Or a geek, perchance to be?

Get your Daily Randomness right here, folks!

Culinary class was fun. We made ravioli from scratch. We're cooking them tomorrow. Yum-yum.....tomorrow, nom-nom. Katie was talking about chives and how their plant was decimated by the family dog...."She came over and-" "--nomnomnom," I filled in.

Last night after folk dance [which was really fun...I SO wish it were every week!!] I got to bed late, because I decided to have a hot midnight snack......grilled cheese sandwich. Toothsome.
And then [in bed] I decided I simply had to read the Lord of the Rings again. It's the seasonal Tolkien fit. I first read LotR when I was 13, and it was in the fall. So yeah, grabbed me flashlight [only for looking at the book was bright moonlight] and downstairs to hunt it up.

I slept in rather late this morning, consequently.

What is the plural form of 'phylum'? Is it phyla or phylae????

Phylum Graciliacutes, folks! Woot! And Class Anoxyphotobacteria! And YES I CAN PRONOUNCE THAT!!!
I believe we have some members of Phylum Graciliacutes growing in the pantry, where I stashed my pond-water sample cultures.

Bethany ought to be taking an English Comp class this year, she'd be so incredibly lucid and grammatically correct.

I'm knitting a hat on a circular needle. It [and I] got interested looks today in class. Nice thick fuzzy red wool. Last night I had to rip the whole thing out because I'd managed to twist it into a Mobius-strip somehow. Only one side....or something like that. More nerdiness, you understand.

Let's get that Mac and let the geekiness flow!!

Oh yeah.....the 'bohemian' bit came from what I'm wearing right now.....white hippy-ish peasant blouse with amber on a bit of awesome string, and well-worn cargo pants with an objectionable amount of stuff in the pockets.


Danzibar said...

I believe it is phyla...I've seen the e on the end of some words like that, but in English it should be 'phyla'

Danzibar said...

I love mobius strips by the way...although, the word technically has the double dot above it...I used it in a magic performance one time...along with other 'performances'

Kendra Logan said...


Well, being a language geek, especially in the Latin area, I can tell you that the plural of "phylum" is "phyla" and not "phylae" because the word "phylum" is neuter.

Wow, that was a lot of quotation!

Thanks for all your encouraging cyber hugs over the past few days!! :)


Einar said...


Lady Brainsample said...

Ahh yes, the perpetual discussion of being a geek vs. being a nerd. I am both. But I lean more heavily on the geeky side. ;)

Evergreena said...

Ravioli!? I was just telling my dear mother that I do not like canned ravioli, and that's the only kind we ever get. Blech. I've never had from-scratch ravioli. Ever.

And my dogs ate my rosemary seeds, so this year we never got any fresh rosemary. *Nomnomnomgulp* Me- "BAD DOGS!" They even ate the dirt that the seeds were planted in!