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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are we witnessing Bethany's meltdown???

Yeaahh. Things are getting interesting around here. I phoned Eva Sunday night to try and arrange a theatre meeting for tomorrow. For some reason I began to crack up...I've no idea was dreadful, I was holding the phone way from my mouth as I hooted with hysterical laughter, and heard Eva worriedly inquiring if I was okay.

This, of course, was after the interesting play practice where I could be observed gasping with laughter on the front porch....

I have been all but called ...creepy ...about three times in the last couple of weeks [including on this blog's poll o_0 ....speaking of which, go vote!!]

I find myself occasionally scary.

Is it possible to get high on writing?? The answer, I think, would be yes. Stories, journaling, whatever.

Yesterday at a Theatre Business meeting I had a latte [ONE LATTE, for goodness' sake!] and became extremely caffeinated. Caffeine doesn't affect me: usually. Not so yesterday. Coffee: it's a one-way portal to the Twilight Zone in a cup! [quote stolen from somewhere]

I had the shakes for two hours. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I glimpsed my mom in the distance outside our house. Dealt with a few emails regarding theatre stuff. Caught roosters and palmed them off on unfortunate people. Worked in the garden for an hour with clippers, mowing down the seasonal weed growth; chuckling or growling occasionally as crazy plans danced through my fevered brain. OH YEAH.

I await your thoughts with anticipation!


Logan said...

Getting high on writing? Some of us are addicted...

Danzibar said...

Oh the woes of caffeine! sometimes does odd things to me! ;)