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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dude! insane!

I'm feeling better today! Yesterday I was very, very sick. Fever over 100 til about 4 in the afternoon, chills, headache, etc. I fasted all day [that is supposed to be the best thing you can do for a fever], stayed in bed, and drank about a gallon and a half of water o_O blub

The fever started gong down in the afternoon and I became simply ravenous but I didn't eat anything. Perhaps owing to the 13 hours of sleep on Monday night, I couldn't go to sleep for a looong time last night. I was awakened from hard-earned slumber at 5:30 AM by an atrocious peal of thunder. At first I could hardly tell it was thunder, it sounded like somebody banging into random things. Only a few miles away I think.
Stomach making loud protest [almost rivaling the thunder], I decided I would not get back to sleep without food. Downstairs in the pitch-dark: eggs, fruit gelatin salad, buttered toast, MORE buttered toast, toast with peanut butter, etc. I'm on the mend, folks! :)

Hopefully my fever will stay down today so I can go to class on Thursday. And have play practice on Friday, and dance rehearsal on Saturday....

Other stuff:
I love Firefox!! Guys, seriously: if you're still working with that piece-of-crud Internet Exploder, go switch to Firefox or Chrome now. Oh the times that I have watched in helpless rage as IE "explodes" a page, opening myriad new windows....or stalls on some innocent page...or freezes the whole computer...these are the days of happiness, now!

I finally figured out how to type the é on a Windows keyboard!! [So essential for lucidity...] You have to hit the "number lock" key on th e right hand side of your keyboard, next to the additional weird little set of numbers. Then Alt+130. It's pretty easy to find a list online of other key shortcuts.


Kendra Logan said...

Sooo glad you're feeling better!! I hate being sick :(

Good advice about switching browsers. I have IE right now, and hate it with a fearful passion. I'll probably switch very soon.


Einar said...

I use IE, and have never even tried anything else, might be time for me to do so...
Does Firefox still get the Google toolbar? I use that a lot.

Rochelle Blue said...

I'm so happy your feeling better! =]
I use Firefox too, and I agree, it is the best!


Bethany said...

thanks Kendra! :) I'm glad too.

IE: hm. If by Google toolbar you mean, yes. You can set your homepage to anything you like. IE also has built-in spell-check which I do so love ;)
doesn't take very long to download, I think it is.

Cavender James said...

Actually, Mozilla DOES have the Google toolbar, but you have to download it as an add-on of the website.
And the spell check makes me smile. It's awesome!

Also, I HAD over 100 degree fever yesterday too! And the day before! and the day before! But not the day before THAT. XD

Bethany said...

ah, thanks!

glad you're feeling better too :)