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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[As promised, I do feel better today :) which is good, as in a few minutes we're going shopping AGAIN, to return the shirts unhappily mentioned in the last post and attempt to hunt down other neccessary stuff.]

Later: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found some shirts!!! Happy day! And after only two solid hours of going into every clothing store on the face of the planet! [or at least in Heritage Mall, teehee]

I promise, I'll do the tags soon!!! :)

I've got to run off to play practice now....


Olive Tree said...

Oh good! =)

If you could decide on a theme for your makeover, that would be great... I'm probably going to do it this weekend, so if I could have the info by then that would be helpful.

Ivorydancer said...

Thanks for following my blog :) I am following yours!

Bethany said...

Olive Tree, I think I'll give the makeover to someone else...I'm pretty happy with my current color scheme and such, at least for right now. But I'd love to learn how to put a background on, if you have a chance to teach me.
thanks very much!! :) I'll post this on your blog too.

Ivorydancer, you're welcome! :) And thanks!