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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted! :(

I'm sorry, stuff has been going on but I've just not had the inclination to write..... :(

Two new followers have joined: Camellia Dayla [I'd link, but her blogs are private] and smorgan!!!! Thank you!!!!

So Friday at school we had an assembly. I was all unknowing until I got into the office before class with a form to deposit, and there's suddenly this ruckus at the bottom of the stairs--drums, a couple of band players. [Those of you who go to school are terribly familiar with this, but I thought you homeschoolers might get a kick out of it.] Worrying about whether my class was rescheduled [and the TEST!], I floated along on the press of people into the gym. Half-hour pep rally, CHS-ers certainly have a lot of school spirit.

The test [actually it was two tests] went well. Woot!
Good day at school, in other words. I saw a whole bunch of people that I know, which is fun. Happy reunions.

On Friday night our first swing dance rehearsal went very well.

[Here's me, on the far left, in the middle of an apparently violent "pretzel" or equivalent bit of awesomeness]
Saturday I worked most of the day, doing chores around the house [ugh] and yardwork [UGH!] and cutting up Italian prunes for drying.

Sunday was the epicness that is RenFaire. We went to early church service [very early!] and then picked up Eva and Dallan. Twas a perfect day for faire-going: actually a little too perfect, I got a nasty sunburn.

We got out to the faire site a bit before noon. Lovely area, a valley in the foothills, on a grass-field.

Here's Eva Dallan and myself

L.-R.: Eva [note the necklace she just bought], Sophie [she's the only one whose face is not in shadow, hehe], Dallan [WHY is he wearing a tophat?! and talking on the phone?!], Phillip [in epic red shirt] and behind the camera is Bethany in Scottish attire. We were standing on this really steep slope, trying to get cell-phone reception to arrange rides home and such.
Here's some more of the people we hung out with--I think we're examining a knife right there.
I'm afraid I was very remiss about taking photos :(
We didn't actually do much of anything the entire 6 hours we were there but we were never bored. Did a bit of shopping--I got a fabulous ring and chain-mail-ish necklace. Tug-of-war. Did not watch the joust. Got sunburned, in my case. And really dusty. My clothes smelled like renfaire when I came home: a mixture of wood-smoke and sun.
We had a fabulous time.
Went to folk dance afterwards which was also great, although I did not have time to go home and consequently was extremely hot in my layers of wool!
Yesterday I sort of crashed, was pretty exhausted since I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before. Rehearsal today, among other stuff.
My posts seem to be getting less interesting and humorous.....sorry! :( But I've been having a good time, it just doesn't show in my writing.

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Evergreena said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could have gone to our Faire this year... but it's expensive and we went last year (for the first time in over a decade!). I'm making a green, Eowyn-style dress to go with my cloak, so maybe next year we can go.