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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Internet Exploder, walnut-chucking, and other fun stuff

Yesterday was busy, to put it mildly. Started off in the morning with Co-op Sale Day, and a few other bits of business. Then back home, over to my grandmother's where I taught her how to leave a comment on my blog, and back here bearing fruit to take to rehearsal.

Rehearsal was at 4. Rehearsal went well. Rehearsal disintegrated into mass sword practice around 5. [We had our Guest Instructor, Phillip, present specifically for Instructing us in sword-play, requisite for one scene of the play.]

Us four [Dallan, Phillip, Eva and myself] stayed late--very late--doing various fun stuff. A frisbee was involved for a lot of the time. And we chucked walnuts at tree-trunks, endeavoring to crack them [actually I watched that part--I am very unskilled at any sport involving a ball, disk or anything of that sort. Although I just yesterday learned how to throw a frisbee and was told I didn't do badly. Woot!]

There was a flurry of telephoning. My cell-phone [actually it's more "the family phone"] was with my dad at work, so all four of us were forced to rely upon Phillip's phone.

Dallan: I need to call my parents. Eva: I'd better call my mom. Bethany: And I'll need it too!

At one point the last cookie was in debate. Dallan and Eva dashed inside: question marks from the others: Bethie, who heard it all: "They converged upon the last snicker-doodle."

Back into the Grange where we listened to music for the swing-dancing scene, and did some card tricks. Eva regaled us with a story of how she got lost, ran out of gasoline, and was broke with no cell-phone. Dallan served lemonade, marketed as "strong" but dismissed by me as "wussy" [I am infamous in my tolerance of sour stuff]. We discussed Converse as a shoe, coolness factor, and good idea [subsequent on seeing Phillip's new pair], and ran around barefoot on the grass outside.

I, of course, told of my little jaunt to the Grange last Saturday, on foot, and how when I got there I heard a pounding coming from inside and wondered what it was coming from: this was enlarged upon by the others: "Are you sure it wasn't a pounding coming from inside your head?" "Bethany, what were you doing the night before? Was there any sort of a party?"

The Hazlenut Incident was mentioned and related to Phillip by we three who had of course been present.
There was some arm-wrestling: epic fail, on my part. But I'm getting better.

About 6:45 Eva, being a dutiful young woman, felt it incumbent on her to depart, to help with the peach-canning at home. There was more sword-fighting [we use non-lethal weapons, by the way. Solid chunks of aluminum]. There was a foray across the road to look at the sheep. There was one pleasing little incident involving the electric sheep-fence.

More discussion of fake blood for the stage ["Zesty mint flavor!"]. A good way to simulate a knock to the jaw: take a mouthful of Tic-Tacs and a little fake blood [must be Zesty Mint flavor] and presto, there you have a nice mouthful of broken teeth.

The remaining half-gallon or so of lemonade was polished off by the two lads, who declared themselves "Blub!" This reminded me of a Pogo Possum cartoon and I promptly mentioned the name. They started backing away from me uneasily. Pogo Possum is known only to the few, the weird, the awesome.

Plans were made for the epic party coming this Saturday.

Pretty soon Dallan opined that we had best begin heading our separate ways. This proved less easy that it sounded, and involved a lot of use of the cell-phone. It turned up that Phillip did not have a ride home, and Dallan's parents were less than eager to head all the way into town again. I broached the matter to my parents and they pounced happily upon it, since we are moving various lead-like bits of furniture preparatory for a new floor, and a strong-arm was in demand. Finally got everyone home around 8:30, and stopped in at the Co-op again, as I had neglected to buy a nice goat-milk Brie earlier in the day.
Fun stuff!

Oh yeah, Internet Exploder [I did not make that awesome name up :)]! IE do I say this nicely?.....yeah. You know what I mean. It sometimes treats webpages like pop-ups---opens about 2 million copies of a page and freezes up....nasty...I'm trying to switch to Firefox but that's having issues too....ugh.


Kendra Logan said...

Oh my gosh! My computer does the *same exact thing*! That's so weird! No one else I've ever talked to has that problem. *shrugs* Annoying, isn't it?

Haha, rehearsal sounds fun, as well as all the activities that happened later. You have a fun group of friends!


Gwyniver said...

Ah, what I would give to have a real sword fight! I've held a fencing foil once, but it was antique so we could actually fight:( I do, however, know a bit of sword play, so I occasionaly pick up long sticks and pretend to bash people:) Great fun, if I may say.
I LOVE that you say 'wuss' and 'wussy' too! lol! Yes, most the boys I try to fence with are wusses. *sigh*

Now wanting to sword fight ~Gwyn

Bethany said...

Did I ever tell you that I love comments? :) I just got on the comp after a spell of weed-cutting and it just makes my day to see "2 comments"! yay-yay-yay

Kendra--yeah, I haven't heard of anyone else with the problem, [SO frustrating!! Happpens all the time, ctrl--alt--delete to shut down IE but it still freezes for a long time] but one of my peeps said she couldn't leave a comment on my blog, error "operation aborted"--I looked it up on Blogger, and it's a IExploder problem. :( And I just downloaded the latest version of Firefox, but for some reason it still isn't working....grr!

Yeah, I've got some fun peeps! :)

Gwyniver--haha, yep, awesome fun! I've done the "wooden sword" thing too, lol. But metal has such a nice ring to it...I've got a nice sabre, but we deemed it a bit risky for theatre purposes. Not sharpened edge, but the tip is lethal.
Wussy, hehe, I just recently picked it appropriate, sometimes!
Dallan and Phillip are no wusses when it comes to fighting, though ;)

The Blogger Reunion of 2010! Must do it! Sword-play and fun! [I wish]

Anonymous said...

I hate IE! I hate Windows and PCs in general... Macs for me!

I'm totally with you on the boys are wusses thing! Honestly, they can't take a kick to the shins or a punch in the gut or a little slap from a GIRL?! (I was provoked, OK? These are the annoying type of guys who pretend to hold the door open then slam it in your face, steal papers, headbands, pencils, etc.... VERY obnoxious. And the teachers do nothing about it... so I have no choice.)

Bethany said...

Yes, Windows----"failure is not an option, it comes bundled with wondows" I've got XP and don't mind it too much, but I hear Vista is crud.

heh, thank goodness I've never had to deal with nasty boys...I'd do the same as you!!