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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

get your blog posts in bulk!

I was trying to think of a post title....[such pressure--stage fright--writers' block--augh *throat seizes up, and she falls over*]
and I remembered a random thing that happened to an email I sent, the computer turned the title into something like "BULK re:off we go" and the bulk bit struck me as funny because I do write emails in bulk. That is, they're simply packed with info, anecdotes and so forth.

So yeah! I was reading a really interesting post over at Carpe Diem and it reminded me of something similar. I started off on a long-winded anecdote from my own troubled past [ insert your tongue in your cheek ] but I realized I might as well make a post of it. It was regarding favorite childhood spots being preserved.
Here goes.

At the church where my homeschool group met for about 6 years things have not been so happy. The church was expanding so much that they finally decided to renovate, and put in new parking lots and such.
Well imagine the sorrow when our lovely grassy field [it was about an acre] was graveled, and then paved, over. That field had been the site of many happy memories, playing soccer and tag and running races and such. :( Our grass shrunk to a measly patch and finally disappeared altogether. Fortunately we were growing up by that time so it wasn't so unhappy.

When I was about 11 or 12 my 4-H group [which included most of the homeschool group] planted some baby trees for a service project. They were ornamental cherries. This spring [5 years later] I became aware of how tall they were, about 15 feet and blossoming beautifully.

Then there was the curly willow. It was huge, had probably been there longer than the buildings. More fond memories.

This June, with church-expansion on the horizon, all the trees were lopped down. Need I say more??

Even that was as nothing, compared to the misery caused by a saw last spring, at the school where my dad teaches [yes I know, homeschooled daughter + teaching father = ?? It's a long story.] There was this nice wild cherry tree. We enjoyed its fruit [this was while I was taking French class there]. But last spring, about April, just when school-induced depression is at its height, the tree was cut down. Sure it produces tasty fruit. Sure it's not in the way. Sure you can cut it down.
Last week I observed that the greengage [a greengage is a yummy plum] hedge in our neighborhood was being trimmed viciously. Yes, it was somewhat intruding on the roadway, but couldn't the trimming have waited til after the plums were ripe?? sniffle
[have you noticed that I don't like it when trees are cut down? Do you want to share your thoughts? :)]

Play practice went pretty well. O dear, Dallan and Adam [the two main characters] are too funny! Afterwards the Three Musketeers [Dallan, Eva and myself] puttered about discussing various vital bits of theatre business. And chucked walnuts at each other [there are a bunch of walnut trees at the Grange].
Then Eva drove home, and Dallan and I started walking on the road home to intercept my dad-the-chauffeur. Hehe, we were successful hitch-hikers! :) Managed to Baa at the field of sheep, too.

You have to wear studs for 6 MONTHS after getting your ears pierced???!!! Oh, *conniption*! We went into Claire's [men, never ever go into a Claire's. Your retinas will become permanently scarred with images of sequins, pink, glitter, scarves, and little dangly things. Ghastly. You will die a horrible death-by-bling. As soon as we asked about the piercings I said "Okay, we are done here" and scooted.] Anyway, went in there to ask about ear-piercings. I don't like studs.
Oh yeah, we are talking about studded earrings here. Just wanted to clear that up. ;)

As a side note, I do not like the mall. Sort of creepy. The best part is Old Navy which can be accessed from outdoors. At Ross' I got absolutely caught in the cross-fire of two people sneezing/coughing. I scooted.
I scoot a lot.

This is the time when, if I were in a gloomy mood, I would diverge into a discussion of swine flu. I am not in a particularly gloomy mood, however, so you shall have to await that edifying topic on another day.

Say a prayer for California, folks! I can't imagine how awful it must be to be there with the fires and all. *shudder*

Hah, my mom just discovered a whole basket full of spare programs for the play "Mystery in the Highlands" that the homeschool group put on a few years ago. Dear dear, we rather overdid the program-printing! The house was less than packed. It was a fun performance but we forgot the lines a lot. Not unsurprising, as we were still practicing with scripts two rehearsals before performance.
That was the show where we had a pathetically small cast [about 7 all told]. There was one bit where a scrap of tartan fabric was essential to the plot and in its second scene it was MIA, somewhere backstage. Prompt freak-out on my part. ["Bethany! Calm down!"] But I managed to merely reference it in passing [hooray for ad-libbing lines], and that was okay.

Oh my, this is the 60-post mark! Buy me some roses, someone!

Oh yeah! I want to hear everyone's stories about the worst trip [camping or otherwise] that you've been on! Random I know!
Leave a comment! *steps back and rubs her hands whilst anticipating merry tales of mosquitoes, hotel rooms without AC, sick family members, lost cameras, and missed flights, tehe*


Bracie said...

Finally following... sorry that took me so long...


Worst camping trip- I love camping, but most of my family hates it (Mostly parents and small tots). So my WCE (worst camping trip ever)was in our back yard. The "Worst" part was this- Daddy got up in the middle o the night and snuck back in bed. He is quoted:

"I don't have anything against sleeping on air mattresses, I just find it hard to concentrTate on sleeping when my King sized awesome bed is within calling distance."


Bethany said...

Thank you dear!

Yay! first commenter on this
Oh dear that is funny! Yep, the same thing happened to me one year. My mum does not like camping at all but my dad and I slept out in the backyard one night, without benefit of tent. Well along about dawn a thunderstorm came up and it started to rain a bit.
My dad shamelessly decamped, leaving me to an awful fate. Actually it wasn't that awful, just annoying to be woken by raindrops.
There's some more camping tales in some of my older posts, or under label "travel tales".

Cavender James said...


I wish I'd followed and read this post *BEFORE* I went to Claire's for the *FIRST* time... I died.

I have died more than once since then, and will probably die again. Unless nobody in my family goes there until I can drive.

My retinas hurt, I can't type anymore... XD

Bethany said...

Hey there Cavender James! Thanks for following!! My awesome 30th follower!

Teehee. Overload of girly stuff. At least they don't have perfume, which would kill me.