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Monday, September 7, 2009

catching roosters

We had to catch roosters yesterday and today. Today, because the ones we caught yesterday managed to escape. The roosters are not tame. The air was filled with the sounds of strife. [We had placed a "free' ad in the newspaper, to get rid of our superflous young roosters which squall at unearthly hours of the night.]
Folks came today to take them away. I sweetened the deal with some hens for sale, also.

Thanks to my newest follower, Eruanna!!!

Last night's folk dance was very fun, although sadly there were only four teens including myself [mostly younger kids and senior citizens]. The large core group of die-hard folk-dancers that never miss a class was conspicuously absent.

I came home and made a midnight snack of raisin bread and Brie and reheated spaghetti from dinner. And lemon cucumbers and tomatoes. Spent way too long on the computer, replying to blog comments.

Made and received a few calls about theatre business, today.

After a stint of yard-work, I took a lengthy bath. I haven't taken a bath in months. Now don't panic, dear peeps. [By the way, the word "peeps" has only come into my vocabulary in the last 6 months. It refers to friends/people/pals. I like it.]
 Where was I...oh yes. I shower instead of bathing. But my shower can beat your bath in terms of length every time, hands down. 30 minutes, easy.  But then not everyone is gifted with the excuse [used to propitiate irascible family members] of having two feet of hair attached to one's head.

And I nerved myself to write the climactic latest post in the role-play over at The Legends Live. A romantic bit, just in time for closing ceremonies on Wednesday. Awwwww. *sniff* A happy ending.

Also I made a header for Kendra Logan--check it out! [Actually she found the pic, I just did a few tweaks on the font/colors and border.] Perhaps I should advertise custom headers like Olive Tree does.....but I don't really have time! I do love working in Photoshop though.

Two rehearsals this week, including [hopefully] a swing-dance rehearsal on Saturday....and omigosh! Birthday! I don't know why I'm excited, actually. All year I've been saying that I don't want to be 17.

Tomorrow Co-op Sale Day is also on the agenda [very devious]. That involves shopping lists, reuseable bags, and goat milk and sundry other goodies.



Gwyniver said...

lol! I had chicken duty yesterday too! Have you ever tried herding them? It doesn't work. Least ways, not for me.:D
Yes, I could tell you liked writing that mushy part in the role play! lol! I'd never write anything that mushy, it just not me! But it's neat to see other's writing styles:) And thanks for role playing with me!

Chicken-ish ~Gwyn

Bethany said...

Oh dear, chicken-herding is impossible! I used to try to do it too :)
Hehe, now everybody will be rushing over to read the mushiness! lol
Thanks for hosting the role-play!!

Anonymous said...