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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello, my name is EPIC

So it's been a busy [but epic] few days around here.
On Friday we had a cheese-tasting in culinary. Nothing terribly interestin. The Brie was passable but bland.
Saturday morning we were up early and off to the farmers' market. We were in a great hurry owing to need to get to Fall Festival early for parking purposes. Left me mum in the car, Daddy and I hurried off in search of carrots. All went well one of the booths [the community stand] the owner who knows dad asked him as a special favor [nay, asked is too tame a word.] to man the booth for a minute. It was a plea for help. Before Daddy could open his mouth to say that no, we were in a terrible hurry, she had done an about-face and was halfway across the street. He, confounded, was left to man the booth accordingly while I headed out to do the rest of the shopping. I had time to ask if flax-seeds were available [no], wait for a LONG time at the mushroom stand, select a bouquet for Eva and he was just able to leave when I got back. He also got roped into making a sign, and weighing some grapes which weighed .66 lbs. and came to $76 [emended to 76c].

Anyway, we got to festival and walked around for a bit. I bought a Celtic-design t-shirt. I got a similar one from the same vendor last year.....we'll begin a tradition.

I was busy at home until 1:30, when I headed off to the combined dance rehearsal and surprise birthday party for Eva at the Grange. 'Twas epic. Listened to Flogging Molly and Gaelic Storm. Sang Happy Birthday and listened to the Beatles' rendition thereof....which we had last heard two weeks ago, at my party. :)

After that the four of us [Eva, Phillip, Dallan and myself] must have spent half an hour at the least trying to decide what to do next. We were all going to Eva's bowling party that evening but transportation was an issue as always. With much plying of the thumbs on our cell-phones, we finally got everything arranged. Went into town.....rendezvoused at the library where we collected Eva's house for to bowling. Did that all evening.

Here's where it gets really epic. I've only been bowling once in my life before. We played two games and for the first one [about 13 people] I was the overall winner.

With a score of 116. To be sure, that was with bumpers, against the boys who were playing without bumpers. On the second game I still did pretty well. Woot.

There was one epic moment when I was sure I had missed a pin, and was turning away after the second play, only to find that it had gone down too.....lots of high-5s all around.
I've never seen so many people high-tenning each other. Awesome.

Saw a lot of peopleses that I hadn't seen in WAY too long. Lots of hugs.

Me dad drove Phillip and Dallan home and we were all squeezed in the back seat and here's some more epicness. They were writing random things on each others' hands with a pen they'd picked up off the floor [this was after a long episode of us three handing the pen back and forth "sketchily", with much averted eyes and mafia-technique. "Oh what a sketchy pen. Looks kind of shifty-eyed, don't you think?" "Oh definitely. Sketchball."] So anyway we were using an iPod screen and my cell-phone screen for light. Weird beyond belief.
Today [after early church service] we pretty much worked all day, what with painting window-trim, and chores around home and all. Went into town to catch a performance at Fall Fest by the celtic punk group erhh...whatever it was called. Andana or something like that. It was more rock than celtic and the bass too loud.
And then this evening I finally convinced my parents to let me have Facebook!!!!!!!! Woot!!!!! I just signed up and have been hunting up all my friends :) including some who I haven't seen in years, and a few I never would have guessed would have fb.
But meh: fb entries have to be short! :( So I'll keep posting on here. But my computer time is only one hour so don't be hurt if I don't comment as often :)

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