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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Take 2

Yes, allow me to, whatever it was that I was going to present. I hit Publish instead of Save, whoopsies.
Thank you to my 3 new followers!!!!!!! Liberty, Cassie, and Kevin Atteridg!!!

So anyway,  my polls are indicating that the general populace (my beloved Readers) would like More Humor, More Photos, and More Writing. 
There is a two-way split between More Posts and Less Posts.  I assume that some want to see more of my briliance, and some think I am overloading their dashboards.
 I am glad to see that no-one requests that my posts be marred by any more seriousness; that would be a gloomy day for all of us, me not least.
Also there is demand for Bethie Getting Nostalgic, and More Mentions of Other Bloggers.
It is with that last request that I comply with now.

Some may have noticed that my last post [scroll down!!!] elicited an interesting string of comments [read them!!!]. It even inspired a post by the splendid Danzibar, on a topic which my readers [specially the older element] will find interesting. Also my good friend Scotland has been posting recently on the same subject. I invite you to check out the well-thought-out and somewhat philosophical musings in their latest posts.

I will endeavor to mention a few blogs each post! The more comments you've left, the more likely it is that your blog will be mentioned! :)

Lessee. Yesterday was not even typical of the random excitment associated with Bethany-the-amazing. Friday night I had resolved to walk to the Grange in the morning, to help out with the work/paint/etc day which began at 8 AM.
The Grange is about a mile from my house, if you take the picturesque shortcut over the fields.
At around 3 in the morning I was awakened by excessive rainfall outside my window and decided to be wimpy and not walk. [remember that I have never bicycled in my life]  But when I arose at 6:45, I was as determined as ever to cover myself with glory [and rainwater] by walking.

I did.
The rain had thankfully slacked off a little. I encountered a coyote at one point, but nothing else untoward occured. The folks at the Grange were, as predicted, awed [heh] by my fortitude. I wielded a paintbrush there for a few hours, and then my dad picked me up and we headed to farmers' market, in the rain which had picked up a bit. Got another flat of tomatoes, which occupied me all evening. Stopped in at the natural foods co-op and got some chocolate, then over to Dairy Mart for cheap cream.

I came home for a quick lunch and then it was off to the Grange again, for play rehearsal. That went well and swiftly.
After that we did a few more miscalaneous things and I came home to deal with the tomato-sauce making. I also had to deal with roosters in the plural. Catching them, in fact. Not fun.

Went to Home Depot and the co-op [again] in the evening. Bought some cheese-curds yum yum!
Then I stayed in the blog world way too long, checking peeps' blogs, and replying to comments on my own. I switched to the New post editor-----does it have spell-check?? I can't find it!! Gah!

The weather is being nasty. It's pouring rain and chilly today. My dear friend Eva is, alas, camping. She is being rained upon. I do not envy her the joys of pitching a sodden tent, attempting to dry things out after being rained on all night, huddling in the van trying to stay dry. I speak from the pinnacle of painful experience.
It's windy, too. This reminds me of one happy incident that I was thankfully not a witness of. 'Twas during the last week of school, when I was taking a few classes at a private school. We had just got done with Mini Sessions and one group had gone camping.   At the final assembly the teachers were regaling the appreciative crowd with anecdotes.
The boys' camping group: "We remembered the tents. The tent-poles, on the other hand, were left behind." [Hilarity from the audience] "We were trying to rig things up with duct-tape"

I do so hope that it is dry next weekend, for my birthday festivities. There is to be a Party of Special Magnificence, on Saturday night. I wish you all were here!!!!!
I am not a flower-buyer, but I intend to pick out a nice boquet for myself at the market on Saturday, one of the lovely brilliant orange-and-pink-and-yellow concoctions sold by the little Peace Seeds stand that I emoted about in my last post.


Cassie said...

First, I love the way you write!

I hope that you have a great birthday and that your friend recovers from a sopping wet tent. It rained while we were camping once and we still made pancakes outside... :D

Love and Blessings!

Olive Tree said...

Happy B-day in advance! ;-)

Scotland said...

Good heavens! You're collecting followers left and right! Haha. Nice post, as always.

Bethany said...

Cassie--thank you dear! I do too ;)
I just talked to her, evidently they decamped before the rain hit....yeah, one trip there was a huge mountain storm but we were still cooking dad going up and down the mountain scavenging for firewood! We fled post-haste later that evening, after my unhappy father became ill...

Olive Tree--thanks!!

Scottie--yes I am! :o :) !! Sometimes I'm posting and every time I turn around there's a new follower....I love it!

Danzibar said...

Well you are quite the popular one aren't you? Ive met a whole crowd of awesome people associated with your blog so that's been quite fun! if you read my latest post I have a question? Why in the world did you not comment...I haven't gotten a comment from you in while now. I didnt suspect it was because you read them and then just left lol... :)

Danzibar said...

By the way...camping in the rain is a blast. I'm an Eagle Scout and I've had a ton of interesting wilderness the New Mexican Mts. we got rained on nearly every day...always right as we stopped to set up camp. BUt nothing can dull the beauty of 2 weeks of solid backpacking in the wilderness...that was amazing!

Bethany said...

Dan! I'm sorry I didn't comment. Sometimes my thought on a subject are so long/tangled that making them into a comment takes effort....and everyone knows that I exude laziness! :)
And after all I am following upwards of 50 blogs.... o_0

But there, I commented... :)

As to the awesome peeps associated with my blog, well! We all know that Selection of V T followers are the awesomest people in the world!

Camping: hehe. Rain is all very well. But not under the tent! At one of our bivuacs, by the side of Flathead Lake MT, the rain was beginning to come down and my dad had to take a flat rock and scrape a little ditch all along one side of the tent...while I rmained firmly entrenched in my sleeping bag, making jokes about "water beds'. [my mom eschewed the whole debacle by sleeping in the car.]

Were you following at the end of June, when we went to Montana...? I can't recall, now.
You might enjoy reading the posts sorted under "travel tales" [the older ones], there's quite a lot of camping humor there. Don't miss the frog.
Again, thanks for being such a faithful commenter [unlike me, mea culpa!]