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Thursday, September 24, 2009

her eyes were the color of insanity

Ahem....somebody has been listening to Flogging Molly.....and getting up too early after a crazy night.....and realizing she didn't need any coffee......who needs caffeine when you have adrenaline? ??!!!! o_0

SO yeah.....the crazy night referred to my dreams, of course. I think it was after I woke up the first time, at 5, that I dreamt about various people that I know, a fellow blogger who I've never met, being inside a story, a torrential rainstorm in Mississippi, a murdered cat, ten on to the next attraction: off to the farmers' market where we encountered a very long dachshund with the face of a beagle, and more inter-personal stuff. My last dream before waking was that I was single-handedly fighting three other people including a robotic taser or somesuch......armed with nothing more than a hefty chunk of wood. I won. Oh yeah. *thumps chest*

This, dear people, comes a few nights after I dreamed that I had to hire a bodyguard. For myself. It was some sort of Agatha Christie-ish mystery, there was this coat that must have had something valuable concealed in it because everyone who took charge of it got knocked off. It also involved a sketchy part of my town, at night. And I was pretty scared, knew if I went home alone [oh yeah, I think I was in a dorm or something, not at my home] I would be killed. Hence the bodyguard. I don't remember what happened after that.

I haven't been able to remember most of my dreams recently. But I do have a tendency to be either being pursued by or fighting something. The aggressor varies from the British soldiers of 1776 to the Communists to cannibals to unknown random people. One night I'd just read the short story [oh drat. WHAT is it called?!] that involves a cast-away on an island being hunted for sport by an elderly Russian gentleman....really creepy, anybody ever read it?

Or wild animals. Cougars, house-cats after my chickens, rabid dogs, pythons.

My dad opined that being chased probably indicates insecurities. I guess it's good that recently I've been fighting, not running away. Yeah, my greatest wish [one of them] is to be able to fight and defend myself. I'm stronger than most girls [really buff arms meheheee] but still pretty wimpy compared to guys. :(

This summer I sort of obsessed over combat and self-defense and such.

Today we have Bio. Hehe, it's pretty funny really. One of the guys in the class I have seen twice outside of class, and both times have been extremely random. First was at the library, when Eva and Dallan and I were there. He didn't know us at the time, just Eva. So she's over at the drinking fountain, talking to him, and we come up looking like our crazy selves [I was wearing my epic red plaid skirt] and it was really awkward because it wasn't evident that we were together.
Then after RenFaire Dallan and I stopped in at the Co-op to grab some dinner. Now the Co-op [I love the Co-op!] is the sort of place where people do not really turn a hair at the sight of someone wearing a long black skirt, peasant blouse, Scottish dress, accented by a wide black belt with a knife hanging off it. That's what I was wearing, and very sunburned. So of course we had to say hi. I am the sort of person who does not care a twit about going out in costume. My sense of humor has developed nicely in the last few years. I really don't care too much what people think. MWAHAHAH. It's my superpower.

Siamsa and Victory can still make me positively rabid. And anything by Gaelic Storm.

Await the next installment of Bethany's epic adventures!!! Hugs, people!!

OH YES. You remember how I said one of my friends was wating on some important info? Well, he got it. *dances up and down, grinning madly*

Yay! I've hit my stride again in blog-posting! Maybe it has soemthing ot do with the fact that I am listening ot the ever-present Lord of the Dance soundtrackl! excuse sp. errors


Kendra Logan said...

Awesome! Lol! I have the same wish to be able to fight/defend myself. Unforunately with everything else going on, adding a matial arts class or something probably isn't a good idea for me, lol!

Glad you're back to posting!


Stella said...

Haha, I love how random this post is! Awesome!

Maggie said...

Interesting, I enjoyed how random the post was too! Some days we just need a little bit of random...and this gave it to us! Thanks for the great post! :)

Bethany said...

Thanks! Me too ;)

Stella and Maggie--thanks!! I appreciate it!!

smorgan said...

About the comment you gave..
Haha, I'm glad you think that way...

Calico Zak said...

I had no Idea you listened to Flogging Molly I love those weirdos!

~Calico Zak

Bethany said...

smorgan--yep, you need my thoughts on anything, you got it ;)

zak--I just started a few days ago ;-) yeah, they're awesome. I have still to download anything, there's quite a few songs that are a little erm, shall we say, well I just want to go look up the lyrics before buying. :/ but oh yeah they're epic.

Lady Brainsample said...

I love weird dreams..and yours sounded awesome!