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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Before you go....

I thought of a few more things.

1. This is quite possibly the most random thing that has ever happened to me. Today I was pulling up the zipper on the side of my nice dark leather boot and I managed to scratch my hand with my toe-nail, drawing blood. CRAZY!!!

2. I love goat milk!! I can drink it by the glass. I think I'm slightly allergic to cows milk. Also I have a source for buying raw goat milk, which I am pretty sure is not legal in this state [the one good thing about going to Cal. is buying raw cows' milk] Must protect my source! :) Mehehee

3. Slugs are practically the state animal here. Big brown ones. A few weeks ago my dad stepped on one on the porch, in his stocking feet. He was not happy.

4. Does anyone use Firefox for their browser? I tried to switch to FF the other day and no go. Firewall issues, I believe. I've heard that peeps have trouble sometimes with Norton security and FF. Any input, folks??? I'm not happy.

My mom is on the couch eating watermelon and I can smell it all the way over here at the computer. I got some nice green grapes at the farmers' market, and had a spate of phone-calls regarding rehearsals, both theatrical and swing-dance. That's on Friday.

I just spent way too long on the computer. Drat, and now I have a headache. But it's been good, I was reading in the archives of Minas Tirith [don't you love that scene?] so to speak :) old posts on Carpe Diem.

I love edged weapons! *Rubs hands, evil gleam in me eye* Swords, knives, daggers.
Let's do the run-down of blades that I own/semi-own:
one sabre, edge not sharpened, but with a deadly point
two small pocket-knives, black plastic handle--one was found by me, in a lake. No kidding.
two hunting knives, 4--6 inch blade and sheath, oh how sweet
the awesome Kershaw flick-open pocket knife

I can open an egg with one hand!! I saw a kid doing it in Culinary and decided I could do it too. I tried my hand on it at home this morning, making eggs for brekkers.

I like wearing my hair in two long braids, pinned on top of my head. It never fails to get comments on how Swedish I look. [I actually am 1/4 Swedish, more than 1/4 German, and half everything else. I had one Scottish ancestor, a Minerva Twaddle from Tweedsdale, Scotland.]

I just heard that Grandma sent over some custard, so I guess I'd better see if there's truth in that rumor.....teehee

She sent over some pasta with tofu the other day. I love tofu, for some reason, and I never make it....idk. But I said, pretty much, "Don't worry about the tofu. I'll take care of it for you." and it pretty much

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I have a new follower!!! Thank you Aquaria Longstream!!!!!!!


Evergreena said...

Minerva Twaddle?? What a great name! I love it!

As for me:
I'm at least 3/8 Swedish, some German, English, Bohemian/Czech, Scottish, and some Mystery... my Great-Grandpa was adopted.

Rochelle Blue said...

wow... cannot believe that you actually scratched your hand with your toe-nail while putting on a shoe =0 well, actually I guess I can believe it because that would totally be something I would do lol.
and your weapons sound awesome haha!
I use Firefox occasionally, only when I can't get onto a website on my regular browser... but I find that I'm using it more often, and I have no problems with it... *shrugs*
Mmmm... the watermelon sounds yum!


Elizabeth J. said...

Sorry about scratching yourself, I think I may have done that before too.=^)

Aquaria Longstream said...

awww thankies..... shaaarp things.... lol. hmmmm i love custard and what not too.
i WISH i could crack an egg with one hand!!!! when i try, it splats all over.... EVERYTHING -.-

Kat Heckenbach said...

My source for raw goat's milk moved away :(. I miss it a lot!

And if you love goats, check out this blog--
Her photos are awesome!

Bethany said...

yes, is it not an awesome name? ;)

wasn't it weird?!

hehe thanks, I moaned about it for 2 seconds and forgot about it :P

egg-cracking, you have to use your thumb to prize it open. practice over a bowl, hehe

that is an awesome blog! yep, raw goatie milk is the best!