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Thursday, September 17, 2009

exhilaration for no reason

So I was listening to three Lord of the Dance soundtrack songs on my mp3 player while I was cooking dinner just now and I got completely psyched up---breathing speeding up, sweat breaking out, wild gleam to my eyes---and had to listen to them again. Awesome.
Three songs you must listen to: Warriors, Victory, and Siamsa, all by Ronan Hardiman/Lord of the Dance soundtrack.
I just downloaded Victory today, and a Gaelic Storm song [another good group]. Fun. Oh yeah, and Euchari by Garmarna, a Swedish or suchlike group.

I also took time to download and watch The Celtic Zuccinis, a nice little piece by Bracie and Ophelia......hysterical, you must see it! here

I just cooked a nice pot of rissotto, for the monthly potluck at the Grange. Yum yum.....zuccinis as the foundation.

Bio was good, it's a nice group of peeps.

At culinary today I managed to freak out a couple of people. I recalled that "whoops, I'm not supposed to be wearing ear-rings" and just totally ripped them out [clip-ons, of course]. A gratifying expression of shock was the result >:-)

Ooh darn, I just looked up "The Call" [the credits song from Prince Caspian"] and now I find it's ALBUM ONLY???!!! :(

Running off.....cheers, folks! I'll be back!


Kendra Logan said...

Isn't that awful about "The Call"? I absolutely LOVE that song, but I'm not sure it's worth having all the other songs, too...


The Reluctant Dragon said...

Oooh! I like Lord of the Dance! That show is awesome! I think it is a perfect reason to be exhilarated.

But I do prefer Riverdance. More people where shirts in that show. =D

Rochelle Blue said...

Hah wish I could have seen the faces of the people that witnessed your earring ripping act!
and lol, thanks for telling me. I guess I'm going to have to be more careful of what photos I put up next time ;)


Calico Zak said...

Lord of the dance?
I thought that was a song.

Sounds cool though.

~Calico Zak

Bethany said...

Kendra: yes isn't it? Gotta love the iTunes monopoly...

Reluctant Dragon [or do you prefer Ophelia? :)] : Hehe. Gotta agree with you there. I'm pretty sure I'm going to see LotD this November, I'm so excited!

Rochelle: Yep, twas rather gratifying! :) lol, I don't know if anyone who hadn't been there would recognize it, but I've been through that state quite a bit :)

Calico Zak: You're right, there is a song called "The Lord of the Dance" which is included in Michael Flatley's performance of the same name.

Danzibar said...

I sympathize with your title...haha! I get that all the time...I'm 19 and more of a kid than a lot of people quite a bit younger than me. You see...I've discovered that life is so much more fun when I just let myself be happy and silly, or whatever...and I don't want to waste it conforming to what other people say I should be like...besides...most of those conforming people will reach a point about 20 years from now and realize what I've already discovered...there's nothing worth pursuing on this earth besides the life that God has called you won't ever be as happy as you would be if you had become "like a little child" in the sense that you blindly follow God's path for's exhilerating! It's an emotional roller coaster that has surer footing than anything else! I love GOd! ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE The Call! I found it for iTunes by itself for 99¢, if you want to get it there. Then you can burn it onto a CD...
So I loved your unique voice on Gwyn's RP and was sad to hear you were too busy to join the one on HorseFeathers. I have made a special blog for serious RP'ers and writers like us, and was wondering if you would like to join. You'd become an author (that's what's necessary) so I'd need your email that you check often (or one you don't, and just check this once) to send you the invite. Comment moderation is on right now on HorseFeathers, so don't worry, your email won't be shared and I won't use it for any reason. Hope you'll join! I'm not sure when the RP will start, but hopefully next month.

Anonymous said...
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Jacob R Parker said...

Bethany, I accepted your friend request. Thanks! Although, quite honestly, I don't know how to send messages... or use it for that matter... If you ever do get a facebook, be sure to add me there. I know how to use that. :)

Bethany said...

Dan: Yep, awesome! :) Here's to random exhilarition!

Olive Tree: Oh good! I'll have to hunt again.
I'd love to become a co-author!! Thank you so much! Gotta warn you, though, I may not have huge amounts of time. But I'll try and do something, I do like the idea of a blog just for RP! I'll post the address right now...

Jacob: hehe, thanks! I wouldn't have had any idea myself except Tinydancer asked me. I'm not sure if you can send messages or what on FriendConnect. And yes, if I ever get facebook [keep your fingers crossed, everyone!] you'll be added ;-)