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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The reigning mathematics queen!

Ugh. I smell like incense. Had to go into some stores for *ahem* a reason I cannot reveal at this time :) Went into Grass Roots too. That was after school which rocked. Or rather, I rocked. [Ain't I modest?] So this guy in culinary was doing some math problems whilst our souffle was baking and I helped, and totally pwned it. Just lots of simplifying multiplication. But epic because I haven't done any math for a few years and never went beyond Alg. II, and was somehow managing to do lightning math in my head way faster than him. Meeheeheeehehe!

And I got a new song from itunes, from Gaelic Storm. "What's the Rumpus"

Weeded the garden and dug potatoes.

Feeling sort of weirded out. Three [yes, 3] of my friends have been hit by cars while riding their bicycles in the last week. They have thankfully all escaped with no more than scratches but it's still worrying. :(

Australia is covered in a red cloud of dust. Weird. A whole bunch of my bloggie friends are sick.
My sunburn is still sort of painful--I actually got a necklace burn.

cheers, folks!


Danzibar said...

wow...talent incarnate! ...good at math and getting necklace burns! lol...

Equus Delirus said...

Incense smells good, my friends a half Native half Mexican and has incense at his house. Ahhhhh those sweet days

Kendra Logan said...

Awesome math! Lol, I'm still doing math and I'm not that fast XD

Wow, hit by cars? THREE? That's crazy! One of my friends got hit by a car on his bike a couple of years ago. He wasn't really hurt, either.


Anonymous said...

I am horrible at math! I am only in pre algebra... :( I am getting much better at it though!

Bethany said...

Dan--thanks! ;-) Yep, I've got major skillz.

Equus--yeah, I don't mind it if it's the nice, herbal sort like at the rockin' Co-op...but if it's the really sweet type you find in new-agey stores, meh.

Kendra--hehe. I ran into issues today, with improper fractions ;/

Yep, that's why my first label on this post was "crazy". :O

Maggie--yes, I always thought I pretty much was crud at math too. I can do some pretty fast head-calculations...but forget functions!