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Friday, September 25, 2009

Erin go bragh

Walk away, me boys
walk away , me boys
and by morning we'll be free

Been listening to more Flogging Molly and I'm feeling pretty Irish.

I tootled around in Photoshop this afternoon and made this bit of awesomness:

It's me own lovely foot in a pointe shoe; is the tattoo not awesome? I've got only the one pen that works on skin and it had an incident after going through the laundry the other day.
You wouldn't believe how hard it is to take a photo of your own foot that's not terribly distorted.
So I posted on Food Freedom at Carpe Noctem, go check it out!!!


Einar said...

Flogging Molly is a good band, but I prefer more old-fasioned stuff, like the Dubliners, or the Clancy Brothers.
Glad to hear you like Irish music, yer a vanishing breed lassie:)
You should try some scottish stuff sometime too, their songs can be a little rough, but most are funny as all getout.
Alba Go Braugh!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait til I am on pointe, I had the option to do pointe this year but decided against it because I don't think I am strong enough next year!

Calico Zak said...

I will have to say that one is the best one that I've heard.
One of the three.
But how did you find out that Erin Go Bragh meant Ireland Forever?
Alba Gu Bras means Scotland forever.

Are you Irish? Or Scottish? Or Both?

I'm Both

~Calico Zak

Einar said...

I am Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Dutch/Cherokee/German Mostly Welsh and Irish, all the others are WAY diluted.
I prefer to embrace my Irish/Scottish side, as it is more fun....and dangerous -.O

Rochelle Blue said...

the tattoo is unbelievably awesome! I love the picture!


Bethany said...

Howdy folks....I'm in good company, glad you're into celtic stuff! :)
I had one Scottish ancestor only but Scotland has always been a major interest of mine, idkw.

maggie, yep, pointe is difficult....lots of blisters....wait til the blood seeps through the toes of your shoes, it's never happened to me but I've seen the advanced dancers' shoes...hehe, i don't mean to scare you off but just to show off to any element present who may consider ballet for! ;) jk but I loved pointe. i do still wish i were taking ballet.

rochelle, thanks! :)
feel free to use it on your blog [a link back to me would be nice]. i should put a signiture in the corner, or something, and offer it as a free graphic :)