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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

too much Facebook...

Sorry I haven't been posting lately!! FB is taking all my computer time :(

Today I had a Spanish class after culinary, a homeschool class in someone's home. Eh. Then raced over to rehearsal at the Grange where I creeped Eva out by how much I know about her schedule, plans for the weekend, etc. I have a tendency to do that to people. They start slowly backing away from me. "I am the human BlackBerry," I joke, as we plan our next rehearsal. As the other two distract me by sundry exploits with frozen bottles of water: "The BlackBerry's hard drive is overheating! It can't multitask!"

My current FB status: Bethany is looking forward to a nice evening. Risotto [with farmers' market chantarelles] on the stove--check, fire in the woodstove--check, biology homework completely [as of yesterday] pwned for the WEEK--check, new Artemis Fowl book from the library--check, geekiness--check.

Fall is here. I was just warm enough last night. At farmers' mkt today there was a notable presence of woolly hats, jackets, wellingtons, and a general air of brisk heartiness.
I wore a lovely pair of mismatched woolly long socks to school today and my feet were toasty.

Tomorrow at bio class we've got a field-trip [all of 50 feet, I think!] out to the pond to collect samples of pond-water which will then be allowed to percolate for a week, prior to excited inspection by us with microscopes. It's always fun to chase a swift-moving Volvox across the screen.

Oh wow--Blogger found about a dozen "mispelled" words in this post!
And OH YES......WHO knows about Pogo Possum???? Grandma, is it you????

That chair in front of the woodstove is beckoning me....cheers, folks!


Kendra Logan said...

Oh my gosh! We did almost the *exact* same thing in biology last week! :O We did pond water + soil, pond water + hay, pond water + a piece of egg, and pond water + a grain of rice. I saw the Volvox, too! Paramecium was my favorite.


Okay, wow, that was such a nerdy comment...XD


Bethany said...

!!!! Are you doing Apologia with Jay Wile????!! I bet so, cause those are the exact same culture mediums we're using!!

Rochelle Blue said...

sounded like you had very nice and relaxing evening! I need one of those lol...
There's a Farmer's Market that just opened up by us not too far away... like maybe twenty minutes walking distance! We went to it last Sunday and I had a great time! We're going to it again in about two weeks and I'm going to be bringing one of my friends with who's also crazy about Farmer's Markets lol... sorry for this random comment, but when I went to the Market, all I could think about was "I've got to mention this to Bethany!" =p


Bethany said...

Farmers' markets are the joy of my life! that's so cool! Our town has arguably the best one in the the river, beautiful riverfront area, nice part of town, amazing produce and people :)

and I love random comments! ;-)