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Friday, September 11, 2009


Well you're all waiting for me to say something, aren't you.

I'm taking classes for college credit at a local high school, is all. Culinary Arts and theatre. The CA class is for College Now credit---how awesome is that, credit for learning how to cook! I was just going to take the CA class but today [first day] after I discovered that the jewelry-making class I'd signed up for was filled, we decided theatre would be cool. The peeps in theatre are SO friendly!! Maybe it's a symptom of theatre-peoples in general, I don't know.

So today was my first day. Rather intense. I was dropped off at the appropriate time only to discover that due to the r a n d o m schedule, I only had culinary today and that wasn't for another hour. I trotted back over to the main building and chilled in Counseling and Accounting. I've gotten mighty familiar with that room, that was where I waited many times on Wednesday and Thursday whilst we were figgerin' out my schedule.

Later, whilst talking to the theatre teacher I was getting more and more excited, I think I've found my niche. Stopped in at Staples for supplies.
I do so love rolling-ball pens. Not ball-point, which I loathe. I found a lovely 5-pack. Mmm.

And thanks to the latest follower, the awesome Lady Brainsample, a fellow theatre chick! Check out her blog Cease Repining!

I am in the middle of baking my birthday cake. The usual plans to bake it with my grandmother fell through, owing to a severely disrupted house due to major renovation. I love carrot cake!!!!!! It's been a birthday tradition as long as I can remember.

Yep. It's been good. Don't expect anything more out of me for a while. Big party tomorrow.


Cassie said...

Happy birthday! How fun to be taking Culinary Arts!


Lizzy Brown said...

A very happy birthday! :) Carrot cake is my birthday tradition as well! My favorite kind too. Anyway, I hope your birthday is a lovely one! :) Good luck with the classes. I hope all goes well for you!

Kendra Logan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The classes sound awesome!


Lady Brainsample said...

YAY for theater classes!! And have an awesome birthday!

Evergreena said...

Happy Day of Your Birth!

Bethany said...

Thank you dears!! :)