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Monday, August 31, 2009


Various bits of news:

The dance yesterday was okay. I had a huge amount of fun when I was dancing, but the trouble was I didn't dance more than about half the time. Lots of swing-dancing [yay Danzibar! I love it too!!] and line-dancing, all to great country songs.
The meh-factor was introduced by the fact that I did not get asked to dance very often. And most of the people there already knew each other, but not me. Dances are not fun if you aren't dancing, and don't have anyone to talk to. MEH.

Today I noticed that the shirt I had worn had HOLES in it. Yes, that was one of the lovely new shirts I bought the other day!! The seams didn't stand up to vigourous dancing. I am extremely disappointed about this, as prob. all three shirts will have to be returned now--they are all the same exact style/fabric. I did so like those shirts!! Meh--or rather wahh!!

Went shopping again today and I did not find anything that I needed except a pair of socks. Oh, and at Ross dress-for-less I did find a shirt very similar [same brand, even] to one of the Kohl's ones. Not so nice though. It is afflicted with indecision; it can't decide whether to be a shirt or a dress.

I am terribly picky when it comes to clothes. Hence my un-enjoyment of shopping.

m-oh I won't say it again.

Last day of August.

Bad mood. Meh.

sorry this is a gloomy post!! I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.


Kendra Logan said...

Ugh, I feel your pain all the way around :-/

Eruanna said...

Hi! You like guns? Thanks for following my blog!

Eruanna said...

Oh and by the way I love your leaf! Your an amazing drawer! I wish I was that good!

Bethany said...

Thanks Kendra! I'm feeling much better today :)

Eruanna, you're welcome! And thanks! :)
re: guns.....hehe. My profile is a bit misleading. Actually I do not like guns personally at all, nor do I own any except a b. b. for rabbit-hunting.

It's a reference to a quote from Hilary Clinton [I think? It might have been Obama] during the campaign, rather condescending and it ticked off a lot of people...something about small-town close-minded people "clinging to guns and religion".
It also refers to the right to bear arms.

Danzibar said...

I understood it, but whatever...I am not esp. fond of guns either...although i have a friend that is trying to take me deer hunting with him sometime. It's not like I don't know how to shoot...I just don't kill animals that often. As for all the "meh's" I wasn't quite sure what sound that was trying to convey...all I know is that I didn't recognize it. If I get the meh's after dancing it is usually my fault because guys are supposed to be the "askers" so if I didn't dance much than it was probably my fault for not asking...but whatev. If I ever randomly end up in Oregon and you are looking for dance partners I'll dance with you! However, if you tear holes in your shirt from dancing you probably know how to do more swing than I do...I haven't managed that yet lol...

Bethany said...

Oh dear, you don't know what "meh' means??? Good grief. It is an expression of--of--well, meh-ness! Or in other words, it means that something is not awesome.
It was not awesome when Eva dropped her cell-phone on the concrete, for example. Not was it awesome when my shirt got holes in it. [re: the holes, lol, well, swing-dancing is NOT supposed to put holes in your shirt! But a combination of a shirt made of rather flimsy fabric, and cut too tight through the shoulders, and then reaching too far forward whilst doing the excellent maneuvre that involves the girl grabbing the guy's arm and spinning on the floor....anyway, where was I?...oh yes. it tends to cause ripping along the back seams. and I came this close to forgetting that last bracket. here it is.]

Danzibar said...

ah...yes...I believe over here we call that move tabletop. It's one of my particular favorites although I haven't done it in a while...

Bethany said...

Ah yes. I finally managed to nail it. I've only done it once or twice and I would usually flip out halfway down and be too scared to go all the way onto the floor.

Oh and we learned how to do the Charleston too, that was a lot of fun.