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Saturday, August 1, 2009


How many emails have I titled "things"??

The sky is an absolutely insane coppery orange colour. It clouded over earlier and I've never seen a sky like this. I took a photo but who knows if it'll turn out.

Farmers' market this morning; very nice. At one of the stands there was this fellow who looked exactly like Billy Boyd (Pippin in LotR). I've never seen anyone so hobbity looking. Curly longish hair, rough shirt, slightly grubby feet. Oh serendipity.

A few hours working at my grandma's---painting walls with clear-coat, and clipping grass and brush.

Then home, where I spent way too long catching up on people's blogs...that dashboard sure does fill up quickly!
And out to play with the goats. Oh, they are so. cute.

I weeded the garden for a few hours this evening; it's been terribly neglected. There are various random happy little sprouts here and there, where I scattered seed earlier. "Oh look! There's some more lovage! Eh--no, it's a blackberry. (pause, while I prick my fingers on thistles) Is that a rabbit? Good grief that's the biggest rabbit I've ever seen. So much for the fence. Miserable fat thing, sitting there eating my garden. (I chase rabbit out, squishing the carefully nourished soil beneath my feet in doing so).

I brewed another batch of mugwort tea. It's good for encouraging dreaming.

Shall I, or shall I not, change my blog colour scheme? I rather fancy green, again.


Danzibar said...

Your garden sounds awesome...I love herbs! So much that I've been developing our own herb garden here in TN. :)

I will admit, however, that I've never had mugwort tea...and unfortunately don't have lovage yet I think...It would be good though, because I know it's good for a whole lot of things...

Bethany said...

Oooh! Another plant-fanatic!! :)
So are you interested in herbs for medicinal uses, or in foodstuffs, or both?
The former, for me. Nothing like a good cup of herb tea!
I really must do a post soon, on herbs and such.
Yes, the mugwort, we don't actually grow it, it grows in the mountains really well and we go up there every summer to harvest it.

Danzibar said...

actually Im interested in herbs for every conceivable use including the aromatic properties...we make homeade echinacea and we're looking to expand that sort of thing. Although I also just love being able to cook with them. :)
I harvested about 6 or 7 big boxes of echinacea for my dad to process just this past July I think...