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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Midnight exploits

Spent a very interesting evening yesterday.

Started off with going to the final theatre performance, which was excellent. Hung round afterwards chatting with people, audience members and others, and discovered there is a lot of interest in the theatre group I am getting together this fall. [I do NOT know how I ended up on the "drama committee" at the Grange that I am a member of!! NO IDEA how it happened!! lol]

Did not get home til 9:45, or into bed til after 10:30 and lay awake for quite while--mind buzzing with theatre ideas. At 11:45 I decided I might as well go outside, as the moon was very bright.
Pottered downstairs and outside; encountered my dad out also, baiting slugs [I heard the tell-tale shaking of the bait can]. The goats were out in their pen, of course. The moon keeps them up. Really I think they must hardly sleep in summer! I took them out for a midnight snack of foliage.

Then inside myself, where I consulted with my dad in the matter of what to buy at this morning's grocery sale. By now it was after midnight but we decided to start a pot of beans cooking, for a long slow percolation process all night.

Went back upstairs and wrote in my journal for a bit. Listened to some music in my iPod, which I never do at night. Was still awake at 1 am.

This morning twas ap at 7:30 [groan!!] and off to Co-op Sale Day. Very crowded.

I came home and watched some of a video I got of AAA Theatre's performance of "The Foreigner", said by some to be their best production so far--rehearsed in about a week. It's really good.

Now I am deep in the throes of writing a script. The script I was planning to use for the theatre this fall will simply not accommodate all the thespians that I seem to be gaining wherever I go!!


Danzibar said...

I do this frequently...I think 1 or 2 in the morning is the best time for walks...of course I dont have goats to keep me company. ;)

Rochelle Blue said...

what a lovely evening... I wish I could take walks at one or two in the morning... *sighs*
have you come up with anything for your new script?


Bethany said...

Script is--erm--coming along. Actually I haven't worked on it today, I was so busy getting ready to have guests

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Rochelle!!

Kendra Logan said...

Oh, I would *love* to be able to go outside and walk at night, but the doors beep at our house when you open them. It's kind of annoying. My parents would wake up if I went outside. *sigh*


Bethany said...

Howdy Kendra! Welcome and thanks for stopping by...I'm curious, how did you find me blog? :)

Rochelle Blue said...

haha you must!

and thank you =)