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Thursday, August 20, 2009

art contest

Here's me entry for the art contest at HorseFeathers!

I did it at a class last fall with Catharine Alexander (lovely, hyper-realistic botanical illustrations).


Lizzy Brown said...

Wow... That's a great leaf! I've no great talent for colored pencil, so when I see anyone who does, I'm so impressed! Have you tried working with pencil portraits, or illustrations before?
I'm thinking about doing a series of 'How-to' posts on my blog about it, at the suggestion of a friend, and I'm trying to figure out approximately how many of my 'artistic' readers would be interested in it. :D

Have a great one!

Olive Tree said...

Wow. That's reeealy good. ;-)

Read my latest chapter of the role-play on Gwyn's blog. I hope you don't mind.... I sort of hinted that Ceorl liked Mona. But you choose!

Bethany said...

*in a hurry*
lizzy, thanx! it's got a bit of watercolour and artists' crayon too. i've done lots of coloured p before, never portrats tho, just pix of my chickens :)

olive tree, thanx also! :)
that's fine! that's what i was figuring, a human would be best with a half-elf, not elf.

Stella said...

WOW, that's really good! :D

Gwyniver said...


Gwyniver said...

We need you at the Role PLay!!!!!!! PLEASE come soon!

Bracie said...

Lovely drawing--I like to draw too!

How long have you been at it?

Bracie said...

Oh! I'm a dancer, too! Don't you love it when you find people who are very much like you on the web- and you don't even know them?

I wish you had a following box... =D

Lilee said...

wow that's amazingly drawn!

Bethany said...

thanks dears!!! :)

Bracie, I know! It's so cool, I've found so many awesome people recently! and I do have a followers box, it's pretty far down the right side-bar :)

The Reluctant Dragon said...
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