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Monday, August 17, 2009

Role-play HERE!!!!!

Well hello! I'm having so much fun over at Gwyniver's medieval role-play that I decided to start my own.

Knowing me, though it's a wee bit different. Yes, folks, here is your chance to try out your survival skills in a post-apocalyptic world!!!! Sounds gloomy, I know :-p, but I think it could be quite fun.

The scenario we are envisioning is The End Of The World As We Know It [teotwawki, as it's known in prepper circles]. [Not Biblical, mind you, just socio-economic collapse.]
Let's say an EMP [electro-magnetic pulse] which has disabled all electricity, cars, and etc. We could take things a step further and add in a change in physics [a la "Dies the Fire"] which also renders guns useless.
SO basically we're back to Square One: medieval weapons, candles, horse-power and such.

A small town in Washington, well away from Seattle to avoid the crowds leaving the dying city.

A quest might be fun: does your character have friends on a ranch in the country that they're trying to head to? Is a family member missing? Trying to find/salvage/loot a horse/get home? Who do they meet on the way???

Food: you're welcome to have your character be a prepper and have two years of beans laid in, but will you help others or not? Other characters may try to bargain with you once they figure out where your stash is.

Get medieval and flourish your cloak....after all, cloaks are quite practical. Lucky you if your dad has a sword stashed above the mantel....and if you know how to use it :)

Let the post-apocalyptic-fiction fun begin!!!

1. Keep it clean, please. Gore is okay, in moderation ;-)

2. You can have up to 3 characters.

3. Don't kill another player's character without asking them first.

4. Be sure and put your character's name at the top of each of your posts.

5. A brief physical description of your character would be nice.

I believe we will continue for several days, maybe a week.
Invite all your friends!!!

I shall come up with a brief back-story in a day or two. Be prepared!! lol
Any questions, feel free to ask me.
For an example of a role-play, check out the link in the top of the side-bar.


Kendra Logan said...

This is awesome!! Wow, this is so right up my alley! I don't think I'll be able to participate just yet, though. School just started and I'm very overwhelmed. Once I feel more like I've got a handle on things, would it be okay if I joined the fun?


Bethany said...

Oh you bet!!! It doesn't seem to be going anywhere yet ;)
thanks for following!!