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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well! Wasn't that last post epic!! I worked on it for several hours, I believe.

So I told Kendra that I had a story about speaking Elvish, and here 'tis.

It was when I was fourteen. I had just started taking a few classes at the private school where my dad teaches [I've always been homeschooled]. My math class; I was terribly obsessed with Lord of the Rings that year.

Well by the end of the first week both my French [high-school] and my math [8th grade, I know, I'm always the oldest in my class] classes knew that Bethany was Elvish. Or at least my French teacher did ["There's always one student that insists on writing in Elvish. But this is the first year it's been a girl."] And in my math class I believe it started when the guy in front of me noticed that I was doodling Elvish all over my homework, and the cover of my notebook was in Elvish. ["What is that?"] Then after that general announcement from Matt, the whole class became aware of me. Matt insisted that I speak some Elvish, a request in which I was glad to oblige him. [Just the traditional "Elen Sila " etc greeting.

This other guy [Ian---humorous fellow----at junior high graduation that year he was described as "the Will Ferrel of the 8th grade". Nickname of Nacho.] was the next catalyst. At the next football game I was sitting quietly in the bleachers with my dad, minding my own business, when up trots Nacho with a couple of friends in tow. I imagine that he and his friends must have had a conversation something like this: "Yeah there's this girl in my class, she can speak Elvish." "No way! You're kidding." "Well if we see her, I'll show you!"
Anyway, up he comes and asks me to speak Elvish. I let rip with Elen sila again. He thanked me politely and my dad says [I didn't notice] that he "sort of made a little bow". Oh how funny.

Yesterday was another fun day with my pals. Eva and Dallan [the same ones I went to town with last week] came over to work on the script for the play we're putting on. There was some major hilarity. Also some funny quotes for my ever-growing collection. Both from Eva: at one point we were trying to decide what to say in a difficult scene and she said, "This is an opportunity to sound really lame". The next one was when we were being somewhat annoyed at Dallan for goofing off a wee bit, and we were joking about, and she said "Well shame on you for being so amusing".
There was a pleasing interlude that involved chucking CDs at each other, too. Okay they were not CDs, but the little useless clear plastic things that come in a pack of blank disks. Tiny frisbees. We got the scene done, though. Then we were going to go into town for dinner, but Eva wasn't sure if she could go because she might have to trot people about [she's got a large family, and she just got her license]. She was on the phone with her mom and Dallan and I were so hoping she could go, we both had our fingers crossed and our eyes screwed shut. We picked up info from Eva's words [darkly inscrutable] and expressions [varying between jubilant and chastened]. She said thanks, hung up and we practically burst into song [okay, that is an exaggeration. But still.]. High-fives all round. Dallan mentioned how we were "groveling on the floor" and that struck me as hilarious.
We went off to town. Had a hard time deciding where to eat. I convinced them of the benefits of Big River, the best [and probably most expensive] restaurant in town.

The food takes a long time in coming at Big River, but we passed the time very pleasantly indeed. For one thing there is a dish of olive oil and plate of Big River's awesome house bread on the table.
We ordered two different pizzas. [I had previously been there and declared them to make the best pizza in town.] Oh how tasty. They were very glad I convinced them :) Very high-class pizzas--artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, goat cheese, the works.

Chatted at length. Discussed just about everything. We three do get on so very well despite the difference in ages [Dallan is almost 15, I'm almost 17, and Eva's almost 18].

Then for about 10 or 15 minutes the conversation turned to how to pay. We were trying to figure in three equal shares of the two pizzas, two drinks only, and then the tip. My steel-trap mind [hehe] made short work of most of that, including the 15% tip, but we stuck a bog, as our shares turned out to be around $12 and we just had twenties with us. There was discussion of elaborate schemes for change, two twenties and pay-back later. We finally worked it out.

Then at about 7:45 Eva had to leave, and Dallan and I mosied on over to the video rental store, as he had been specially charged by his dad with bringing home a movie. That took a while. Oh yes, we were carrying little take-out boxes this whole time, with the delicious left-over food [which was promptly pounced on by my parents when I got home, haha].

Then we walked to Safeway [as Dallan wanted something], commenting on how the skate park is the number one creepy spot in town after dark. As we got to the store I said, "But you know, the Safeway parking-lot has to take second prize". We got in and out without incident. After all, we live in a very safe and small town. Still, on the way out, I was like, "Let's power-walk" to which Dallan replied "Let's run!". Off to The Book Bin used-book store. My dad finally came to pick us up, after much plying of the cell-phone. Gotta exercise those thumbs.

Great fun! More good times here.
Oh dear. The audition is tomorrow. I've got to get that dratted script typed. It is in a very rough form at this point, spread out all over me desk. At least I don't have to worry about a real audition, it's more of a first rehearsal/meeting.
must run....


The Reluctant Dragon said...

In our town, all the skate punks WHOOPS- I mean skateboarders hang out at the Quality Food Center. I still can't get over how lame it is to have a grocery store be your hang out spot. =D

Bethany said...

Oh yes, hehe, gotta agree with you there! Now I've nothing against skateboarding, but skaters can be rather...erm, how do I say this...uncouth.
On our holiday this year we drove to Montana and Wyoming and our first day in MT we stayed in Billings---we did not like that town, oh dear no. I mean, realy, the centerpiece of the town appeared to be the skate-park!
And more creepy people hanging out at Albertson's! No other grocery in town, except the natural foods store which was closed by that time at night.

[Our exemplary town, on the other hand, has a beautiful down-town and very nice river-front area--my hang-out area of choice!]

And the very popular gangsta-style hoodies/t-shirts/etc are so repulsive! Dear dear.
I think we share the same views! ;)