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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Role-play begins!!!!

Please read the role-play rules before joining, thanks.


The time: now. This month, this year.

The place: a town in Western Washington, about 40,000 people.

The scenario: Today at 2:31 in the afternoon the power went out. For good.
But you don't know that yet. In fact there's been a change in the laws of physics that makes all electricity, cars, and guns useless.
Danger stalks the streets: looters are already beginning to emerge, and store shelves have been stripped of food--customers paying with cash, as credit cards don't work either.

One thing is certain: the power is not coming back on.

Have fun!!!!!


Bethany said...

I'll do the first post :)

Sara Thompson
Age: 18
Height: 5'7
Weight: 127 lbs
Appearance: blonde hair, green eyes, tanned.

Has lived on a mini-farm all her life. Her mother is caring for grandparents in California, father trying to get a job in Washington DC.

That afternoon, I was in the field moving hay-bales. I didn't even know the power had gone out until I went inside. It does go out sometimes for an hour or so--our neighborhood is barely rural, but it's not on the main power source. I tried to call the electric company on our old-fashioned phone in the garage, but that wouldn't go through either.
I got a little nervous then. I went back outside and noticed it was terribly quiet. No car motors, no airplanes. I couldn't hear the highway noise either.
I decided to go into town [we live a mile out] and do a little last-minute food buying. I grabbed some cash [I never carry a credit-card, or for that matter a purse] and went out to the car. It didn't start.

That was when I really got scared.
No-one in the house except me and a full refrigerator. I don't really trust most of our neighbors.
I've read about survival, I know that without power things will come to a halt mighty soon: food being the biggest problem. The car being dead worried me too.
I went into he kitchen and tried to think. Precious little food on hand. Water! Of course, the well wouldn't work with no electric! Thank goodness we mostly drink bottled water.
My biggest problem right now was security. As I said, I was alone in the house and I don't trust the neighbors to take care of me.

I have friends a few miles out of town that would take me in for a while. They've got a big family; big farm; and we've been close friends for years. Getting there was the problem. I'd have to go through town, and I don't keep horses. It would take me most of the day. I could take my bicycle, but I planned to cut cross-country in places.

I packed some food, water, cash, and was about to set out when I thought that a weapon would be good. Things weren't too bad in town yet most likely, but--who knew. I was of course wearing my Kershaw flick-open pocket-knife, but soemthing bigger would be helpful: I hunted out my dad's big skinning-knife in its leather sheath and stuck it into the top of my jeans.

I locked the house and set out.

Gwyniver said...

Name: Cilla O'Ranger
Ht. 5'6"
Weight: 115lbs
Appearance: Dark green eyes, coppery brown wavy hair, lightly tanned skin, and a few Irish freckles.

Back story: Is a foreign exchange student from a large goat & horse farm in south Ireland.

I was on a ride with my friend/foreign sister when it happened. Oh, we thought nothing amiss of course, us being out in the woods when it went quiet. We figured we were just getting further into the bush.
When we got back, THAT was when we realized something foggy was goin' on. Trish, ran in to see what was up and left me to tend the horses.
Gana, the flighty grey mare they gave me to ride while I was here, seemed uneasy, and so did Quincy, the sweet blood bay gelding Trish rode.
I groomed them down and put them in their respective stalls and met Trish on my way to the house.
She was breathless. "Mom says the power is out everywhere in town!"
"Oh! Whatever shall we do without the Tely?!" I said, my sarcastic Irish nature coming out.
"No you don't get it! The WHOLE city is out!"
"No electricity anywhere? In D.C.? I thought your president lived there. If this happened in London or Dublin they'd mend it right quick."
"I know. That's why it's so weird."
"Hmm.. Have you tried ringing Sara yet?"
"No. But mom says the phones are down too."
"Even the cell towers?" I said skeptically.
"Umhmm." She gave a worried toss of her blond pony tail. "And the car and truck won't start."
That got me thinking. "Sounds like the Apocalypse to me." But smiled to reassure her when her eyes widened.