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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm back!

Just got back from staying at a beach-house on the coast. Wow is my dashboard FULL of blog updates!! I'm following around 40 blogs, give or take.
And I've gained two new followers!! Thanks Ophelia and Cassidy Street! You make me happy! :)

Yes--the holiday was fun. Beach-house, near the sea, in the tiny town of Neskowin. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary happened--although I did have to tape one of my t-shirts over an annoying light in my bedroom. I can't bear to have lights where I sleep.

I've been noticing a few of my followers have commented on other bloggie friends' blogs--so I'm a connector! Yay! That makes me happy!

I've been tagged by Gwyn--a fun one--30 things about me. Which is easy [hopefully] as I love to talk about me [want to talk about me/want to talk about I/want to talk about number one, hahaha I hate that song.].

1. my fingernails are happy and long right now.

2. right now I'm nervous my mom is going to come and find some other chore for me to do instead of be on the computer

3. She did. Had to connect a TV cable that had got unplugged before the trip. After a long fruitless period of trying to screw in a tiny pin, I discovered I was trying to put it into the wrong hole!!

4. My fashion style: is somewhat nonexistent. As mentioned in the last post, I do enjoy being slightly "Brit punk"-ish---but true punk is rather awful, I think. I mostly wear jeans and western-style plaid cotton shirts [as I am in my profile pic], but I do wear t-shirts. Nice ones. [tho there is that extremely ratty polo-type shirt that is really spotted, and faded, and the collar ripped halfway off and that bugged me so I ripped it all the way off---which pretty much put paid to the shoulder seams---then it was getting pretty risque, even for painting, so I put a safety-pin at each shoulder].
I abhor turquoise, and most of the bright artificial colours now in style---there does seem to be a trend towards plaid this year though, which is cool. Also these cute little vest things, over a white long shirt.....very snazzy, but I can't seem to find any at Goodwill--which is where I get alot of my clothing.

5. the last entry was getting rather long, but here's more clothing stuff: I have the most awesome cloak ever!! Green wool. I got it last winter from a historical outfitters' company, for the movie. I wore it all over town. *heart!* Can't wait to break it out again when the weather gets cold!!

6. One of my absolute favorite dances at folk dance class: Little Man in a Fix--waltzing, and there is one epic bit where two couples dance together in a circle, the girls holding onto the boys' shoulders and flying....sounds impossible but it's awesome.

7. I'm a goatherd! Nigerian Dwarves. Nigerian Dwarves are the rockin'est goats in the world!!

8. I eat WAY too much pasta. With tomatoes, and olive oil, and cheese, and basil, and YUM.......

9. I didn't take biology last year [too busy making a movie, amongst other things] and I have to do it this year. Meh.

10. Meh is a good word. So's epic, and awesome, and "ooh! That's not awesome!"

11. We've got two [political] bumper-stickers on our car.

12. I still don't know how to ride a bike. Awful isn't it. Ergh.

13. I haven't eaten fast-food for several years. And proud of it. Mwa-hahahaha.

14. Oh! I had a good one! What was it!! Huh. Oh well: I like goats' milk far, far better than cows'. But I like cows. Jersey cows.

15. The best role I ever played onstage was Anne of Green Gables. Boy was that fun. I was Anne. [hehe, aint I modest and retiring. But really, that's what people said.] I suppose because when I was growing up I was Anne. To the life. [Except for the red hair.] Even my middle name is Anne.

16. I am so hopeless at any and all sports involving contact with a ball. Chess, now, that's more my style. Or robotics.

17. I'm almost seventeen! !!!!

18. Favorite weird foods: [because this wouldn't be any fun if I just listed normal foods]
-kombucha [fermented, vinegar-like tea]
-kefir [like sour yogurt]
-bee pollen [just what it sounds like]
-dried fruit--any dried fruit
-goat Brie [omygoodness. yummy.]
-most esoteric seeds and nuts
-hawthorn berries [a wee bit mealy, but come on! They're weird!!]
-red or black currants [the red ones taste almost like blood. Sounds disgusting, I know :) And don't ask me how I know. ]

19. Which brings me naturally to the hot topic on everyone's mind: Twilight. Love it or hate it? I haven't read it, so I shan't pass judgement. I do hate the posters for the movie. Edward just looks creepy.

20. I am very sensitive to smells. Not clinically so, but the least bit of perfume is unpleasantly noticeable. I can't stand to have bath towels smell funny. Or any towels, come to that. Tide is a no-no in our house---cack. I can smell the tiniest bit of blood--my dad makes "shark" references--and if it hits water, whew! Sometimes I will come home from being "out" and complain that "I don't smell like myself--I smell like other people". Weird, I know.

21. Pogo Possum is my favorite comic-strip. My dad introduced me to it. It dates from the 50's.

22. I can't stand flappers!! or 20's style. 40's fashion [the New Look especially] is fun though.

23. I am supposed to be receiving a call pretty soon, about...... theatre business. Ahem. Very important stuff.

24. Grishko pointe shoes are cool! I commented on somebody's blog to that effect; now whose site was it????? Do you know? I can't remember, darn it!

25. I do not have Facebook. Alas. Am still working on that one.

26. I have black running shoes [Champion brand] which are really nice, and get this: two other girls in my folk dance class [before it more or less disbanded] have the exact same ones.

27. I have a positive phobia of shampoo, soap, detergent, makeup, etc that has toxic chemicals in it.

28. If I could take a vacation anywhere in the world right now, I'd be in England. Mmm.

29. My favorite store in my home-town is the natural foods grocery.

30. I have not watched my favorite movie [Lord of the Rings] in over a year. Frightful!

I tag [oh boy, this is going to be fun]:

*nips over to view her followers*


that is, if you don't hate tags and haven't done it recently! heh.
now tis off to visit those people and let them know!


Kendra Logan said...

*is excited* I love getting to know people through these! I'll be sure to do this tomorrow! Thanks so much for the tag!

Bethany said...

oh good! you're welcome! quite the swift response we have here, eh? ;)

Jillian said...

I love these things! Plaid is cool. And so are goats. My friend lives in Missouri, and she had a goat farm for awhile. Quite cute.
Found you through Kendra's blog.

Bethany said...

hey Jillian! Thanks for following! hehe, I was just about to get off the computer after a really long time in bloggie-land, when I noticed I'd just gained another follower!
Missouri is another thing I love, I want to go there, for one reason and another.
oh and thanx for saying where you found me from, heh. I just looked at your blog and I was sure I've seen it before, but one can never

Gwyniver said...

Yaay! Your back! It seems as if everyone has left! Olive Tree just took off on a two day sleep over and Earwen JUSt got her internet back! I've felt so alone! And I can't think of another post for the role play (yes, its still going...) Maybe you could?
I love tags too! It's interesting when you find someone very much like you in a vast pool of millions! I still can't get over the fact that you like goats too! Everyone looks at me weird when I tell them goats are one of my fav animals (one of them...) :)

Bethany said...

hey Gwyniver! yes it's awesome to be back in the bloggie loop!
I know, everybody's been gone! sad. but they're back now, at least most of the peeps I know.

ah yes, the role-play. I'll try. ;) I think Ceorl is still torn between Evelynn and Mona, but it looks like Mona is, do you mind? ;) we'll see.

Oh it's great to find another goat-fan! they're totally my favorite animal. :)

Bekah said...

I will totally do it when (or if) I find the time :)
Just a side note: your blog, Bethany, is amazing, and I love it. :D


Bethany said...

good! :)
thanks Bekah!! I love to hear that!

Calico Zak said...

Wow the thirty things tag. Spreads around don't it. I got tagged for it twice LOL
thanks for following me blog.

Yours looks rather nice.


Bethany said...

teehee. there's another that is absolutely influenzal, i think it's called the literary tag or somesuch and I really do NOT want to get it!

you're welcome! and thanks!

Gwyniver said...

Ceorl thang: Heck yeah. I don't mind:S Really the role play is as much your guyses as mine:) I just host! But thanks for asking anyway:)

Elizabeth J. said...

You went to the beach? I'd like to be there.=)