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Saturday, August 22, 2009

too much stuff going on!!!

Argh! Too busy! But it's been fun.

Where to start!! Yesterday was absolutely the most fun I've had all summer. Period.
Spent the morning pottering about the house. I was going to do lunch in town with my friend E, but the night before D had called to ask if he could come too, since there was no meeting at the park as usual on Fridays. E enthusiastically agreed.

Anyway, my parents were supposed to be home early enough to get me there, but they wound up not getting back from errands til a few moments to spare. I for some reason decided to dress up a bit, in my"Brit punk" outfit, haha. A fabulous red plaid wool skirt, black tights, brown "Montana" t-shirt, aspen-leaf necklace, and red tam o'shanter. EPIC!!! I'd been really chilly all morning but I got a wee bit hot walking about town in wool!

So we stopped by D's house to pick him up and met E in town, by the river-front fountain. She'd just come from work. Wavered as to where to have lunch, decided to walk to American Dream pizza. Yum. We were able to get a spot on the rooftop which is sweet, the only other time I've been there it was dinner-time and packed. We got up the stairs balancing our pizzas and salads and drinks, sent D back down for straws and napkins. Then we settled down to our food and talked talked talked. Hair colour changes, D's anecdotes about how much food [$25 worth] he and a friend once sneaked into a movie theatre, stuff for our play, casting for the play, etc.
There was one interesting interlude when a large jet of water sprouted up and doused us slightly. Evidently a sprinkler for the plants had become disconnected.

Lunch took about an hour. We then went to get gelato, and I got my usual two: Lemon and passionfruit. Sat at the sidewalk tables for another while, talking about self-defense stories, intra-personal relationships, and who we should call to join us in town. We really didn't have to be home at any set time. Oh yes, I related the incident in Bozeman Montana, when this old guy came up to me in the bookstore, and I said "I managed to fob him off after a bit" [you know, the classic British expression meaning "to distract, or decoy away"],and E said, "I love the way you say things Bethany! 'A portly white-haired gentleman.' 'I fobbed him off'." And D said, "I'd have punched him long before you 'fobbed him off"" and we all hooted.

Then meandered about town for the next few hours, candy store, bowling [25 blocks and two incidents away], library for water, back into downtown, along the riverfront, to the skate-park, and finally E's dad picked us up to take us to her house after renting a movie.
At one point we were walking down the street three abreast and doing some fairly epic percussion. Here we go: Thump chest with fist, snap fingers, clap hands, two thumps, snap, clap, snap, thump and back to the beginning.

The two incidents ocurred in between E and myself doubting whether or not D actually knew where he was taking us.
Once we nearly got run down whilst innocently and legally crossing an empty street, at the corner, some absolute JERK just zipped in front of us [with a few feet between him and a long explanation to the police], honked, and flipped us off. Man were we upset!

Then came the Hazelnut Incident. We pass a fairly public hazelnut tree, with nuts. D picks two, hands one to me. I put it between my molars and "CRUNCH". Yum yum. He does a SWEET and EPIC and AWESOME move that we talked about for the rest of the day: threw the nut to the pavement, the shell broke, and a perfect nut-meat bounced up, he caught it. Oh my goodness what fabulosity!!! He hands the nut to E, she tastes it and spits it out, we all collapse into laughter.

We walked a few miles all total, probably. So many jokes and stories and "I hope you know where you're going"s . Immense fun. We three get along so well, even though there's a lot of age difference.
At E's house we ate pizza and played badminton outside in the long summer evening. More awesomeness. D and I swapped Monty Python stories [Albatross! It's albatross flavored albatross!] and managed to confuse everyone else present. Teenaged boys LOVE Monty Python. Tee-hee.
Then we arm-wrestled. I managed to win exactly half of my contests, which made me happy. Never did manage to win against D, but got close, and oh well, he's a boy. ;-)

One of the phrases of the day was "Ooh. That's not awesome" from me, say when E dropped her phone, or when any other unpleasantries happened. I like that phrase, and EPIC of course. The Hazelnut was the most epic thing.

Today I got together with them for some script-writing. They are going to [hopefully] get the script for our play done whilst I'm at the coast. Which reminds me, I will not be writing for a few days. :(

Yes, I was moving the hen-cage for about 2 hours this morning, with my dad. Very much work. That was after getting up way too early to go to Staples, and farmers' market which was as brilliant as usual. Mmm. Sweet corn for lunch, and I've a pot of tomato sauce simmering on the hob, as it were.

More stuff:
-Welcome back Lenore!!
-Yay for Stella's new computer :)
-Role-play here: I will try to post!! I promise!!
-A Dance of Sisters is a really good book!

Oh my goodness, Mum just said we have to go to the Co-op!!!! [natural foods grocery, so epic, I like that word :)] SO HAPPY!!!! Gotta stock up on food for the trip! The above-mentioned D [who lives 2 minutes away] will be taking care of the house and yard and critters.

mmmwoooot!ahhhhehehe! I'm happy, did you tell? ;)


Kendra Logan said...

Yay!! Sounds like a totally awesome day! I love those days when everything is right and fun and you're just so happy :) Glad today was awesome for you!


Stella said...

Yay! I love those kinds of days :) Good friends make everything wonderful.

Rochelle Blue said...

amazing day! I absolutely love days like that as well! everything goes right, and everyone is happy =) your friends sound like the best!
(oh and the hazelnut scene sounds totally epic! I wish I could have seen it lol!)


The Reluctant Dragon said...

I like your sense of style. =D

My grandma just came back from touring the United Kingdom, and brought back a beret (close enough to a tam 'o shanter, once you pin a tartan-plaid-whathaveyou on it,) and a DIRK! You know, the knife. Awesomeness. Now I need some knee socks to wear it with.

Bethany said...

Hello dears! I'm back!! Had a nice time at the coast, which I will post about soon.

Ophelia, thanks! haha, dirks are awesome. I've got a large selection of knives [which I'll have to post about...] but no dirks.