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Friday, August 28, 2009

Shop-a-holic.... something I am not. I cringe at shelling out the cash. And I hate to be such a consumer.

But today I went clothing shopping [men, you can look at my nice sidebar now, if you like].
Kohl's, and Old Navy, and a few assorted other purveyors of fine clothing made in China.

How I loathe [with a deadly loathing] the music they play in Kohl's!! It drives me up the wall! Some stupid pop-star girl singing about how "I really don't care". Even rap was a relief after that. [Oh for the peace of The Book Bin, where [last night] somebody appears to really like Tom Petty; we were there for four or five Petty songs straight. Very passable.]

And most of the fashions are just as bad. So ugly! I hunted through the entire department, cringing at the prices and paying special attention to the bargain-racks, before I found anything. There was quite a nice selection of these plaid, very long shirts that are becoming quite the style [I fancy that I was the trend-setter here, I started wearing Western shirts several years ago.]

Also the cute little vest-y items that I've mentioned before--but they only came in a set with another shirt that I didn't much care for.

I was in the throes of sticker-shock until we got to the register and found all the shirts were about half-off, which made me very happy.

I should post some photos. Remind me.

Old Navy, as always, was better. A couple of plain t-shirts, very cheap.

Whee-hee! Back-to-school shopping is almost complete! Just a few more socks, and that sort of thing. Last year I was extremely into long woolly socks and I couldn't find them anywhere....wound up buying some from a historical outfitters' catalogue. And this year they're all over the place!

Ahm. What else. Should I get my ears pierced? [The link is to a humorous, albeit painful-sounding, post on Equus Delirus' blog. See my comment.]

Dear dear. I do hope I'm not getting "girly". I think not, though. When I was in Hollywood Video yesterday with Dallan we commiserated on how we detest pink-and-purple Barbie/Bratz/chicflic stuff.

Oh yeah....I beat my dad at arm-wrestling a few days back. He says he doesn't know what happened. [I think it was just a fluke, I certainly couldn't do it again.] That was a great moment! [Then there was the time we were arm-wrestling and somehow I wound up on the floor....I don't know how that happened, either.]


Kendra Logan said...

Haha, we shop the same way :) I look at some of the clothes and I'm like, "Someone actually WEARS this stuff??"


Danzibar said...

What's shopping? ;)

Gwyniver said...

lol! I have my ears pierced and I am NOT girly! Ugh, I detest girls who are afraid even to touch livestock for fear of dirtying themselves. *rolls eyes* Cowgirl up, Puh-leez!
I think the fads this year are horrid and far too pricey... I usually go to the clearance rack too. I like my things cheap.;)
P.S. the role play is back into gear...

Anonymous said...

LOL, your posts are always so funny!

Up here, most of my friends get all giggly about shopping. I don't enjoy spending money- far from it. I enjoy having the freedom of picking out things to wear. I practically LIVE on Goodwill and resale stores... they have some really great stuff there! Two days ago my grandmother gave me $50 for back-to-school stuff, and it only got me 3 shirts and a pair of (resale) shoes! Ugh. Inflation. Consumerism. Ugh ugh ugh.
(I really need a sign that says "I only shop when I get holes in my clothes" to stick on my forehead or something.)

I really, really don't like the whole baggy 80's thing. I like the long, long shirts, but my fashion is mainly a mix of my mom's old 60's and 70's stuff (hippie...) and Victorian stuff. My friends say I should travel back in time to either of those eras; I'd fit right in.

I think you should go for the piercing. I got mine pierced when I was 7... only recently has my mom allowed me to wear anything other than studs. I think earrings can be used to accentuate your best features... like your jawline or shoulders or hair, depending on the earring. And trust me- with the new little machines that they have, it hurts for a grand total of one millisecond. Then all you have to do is put the anti-infectant stuff on for a few weeks and you're set for life. My mom pierced her ears with a sterilized needle. Ew. I'll take the little machine, please! It's a hundred times LESS painful than getting a shot, and since it's in your ear you don't have a lot of nerves there anyway.

Just my 2¢!

Whatever you decide to do, you have a very special surprise coming up today...

Rose said...

Ha ha, i doubt i could ever be a shopaholic either! Don't get me wrong... i love clothes... but i hate paying for them! I'm always like "Ya know, if there was someway to buy things without paying for them that wasn't stealing... i'd do it!" (Er, i think that's called bartering... out of date, alas.) Besides the fact that i have no money *cough* wonder why *cough* (Yeah, peculiar malady, can't stand spending, but can't hang on to it either!) anyhow...
Besides the fact that i have no money i, er, ummmm.... forgot what i was going to say!

Lovely side bar! I adore those Lord of the Rings awards!!!! *muses and wonders why she doesn't have any* Hmmm... i'll have to award myself sometime!

Thanky for following my bloggy! Howdya find it?

(forgive me, terribly random and weird mood this mornin'. ;) )

Bethany said...

Howdy folks! Thanks for commenting!

Kendra---I will! :) SOON....

Dan--haha, shopping is where several girls [in its worst form] go to half-a-dozen different stores and take millions of bits of fabric into the dressing rooms, and then proceed to shriek in appreciation [or horror?] of each other's outfits. Then they take an hour to decide between three different identical shirts and wind up buying all three. ;)

Gwyniver--couldn't agree with you more on the prissy-girl-issue! :)

Olive Tree--thanks for the compliment! hehe, I LOVE being told I'm humorous!
Oh the prices are awful, $50 got me three shirts at Kohls [on SALE!] but I did get t-shirts for $5 each...Old Navy rox.
Hehe, I would have been a hippy! :)
And I LOVE Victorian clothing, but I don't wear it much.

Rose--Oh yes, I wish bartering were still feasible!
Re: the awards, feel free to take any of mine in the post below! :)

Hmm...I believe I found you from Lady Hannah at Totus Tuus, and I really can't recall how I found that...I love meeting new people! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, bartering is coming back! Try it next time you're at a farmer's market, antique store, yard sale, or small grocery store. It WORKS!