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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lots of excitement!

Have been running around all day, cooking tasty goodies for two of my friends who came to tea this afternoon. That was fun. Half an hour before they arrived I got a phone call from a fellow committee-member from the Grange, asking if we could have a committee meeting regarding the PLAY. Still waiting to get that figured out, and I've an email sitting in my outbox waiting to be sent to the very large group of people who want to be involved in this production!! "A Highland Fling" by Myself. Which is sitting in Word, waiting to be worked upon!! The script has to be revised a great deal, mostly to accommodate all the other people who want in. I'm getting excited!! Stay tuned for in-the-moment updates! lol

And MAY I ask, who else is answering "survivalist" to my latest poll?? Come forth and let us wear our tin-foil hats with pride together! lol, I thought I was the only one! I'm noticing that no-one is "gregarious"---[it means "likes to be with other people" :) ]


Danzibar said...

tin foil hats? How do those aid in survival?

Bethany said...

Eh-heh! I believe the story goes that they were originally used to deflect radio or other waves from assaulting one's brain...but it's become slang among survival/doom-steading circles. If a really far-fetched "conspiracy-theory" comes to light over at, somebody always says "time to get out the tin-foil hat".

Danzibar said...

ahh! Haha...yeah apparently I'm not a conspiracy theorist then...all my theories reside in the Christian aspect of life. ;)