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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have you ever...

...tried to put a HUGE head of lettuce in a tiny plastic bag? [Note: it doesn't work well.]

That was at the farmers' market yesterday. Last night for dinner I dispensed with the niceties and ripped the bag open with one effortless, bridge-burning flourish.
Later on I decided that that was not the best idea ever thought of by yours truly. I can think of many ideas that were more clearly stamped with Bethany's own particular brand of genius---for instance the time I left the goats' gate open whilst I was inside the pen, or perhaps one of the happy episodes involving my leaving a pan of eggs cooking, lonely and unloved, on the stove whilst I was busy at the computer. Tee-hee.
Yes indeedy. Anyway, there was still the greater part [much greater] of a head of lettuce needing to be dealt with after dinner. I made the best of matters and shrouded it in the sad remains of the bag.

Other doings and goings-on included getting some very interesting news from a dear friend, which elicited a whole bunch of exclamation-points on my part; trotting off to rehearsal/audition at the Grange which did not have many attendees; cooking potatoes; picking up branches from the cut trees at my grandmother's place; cooking garlic bread and heroically refusing to eat any of it [after all, I have a social-life tonight];
today I weeded the garden, went hazelnut-hunting, and cleared out the extremely congested My Documents which is the catch-all in our poor abused computer. Several very large movie-files [from my own movie-making escapades] were simply hogging all the hard-drive space.

Tonight I'm off to a dance at the Grange. I plan to wear one of me new shirts. And blue jeans. And I need to hunt up some hard-soled shoes. Lots of boot-scootin' fun. :)


Calico Zak said...

Oo! Dancing! I love dancing! I hope you have fun!


Calico Zak said...

Oh and post about it I would like to hear about it.

Bethany said...

I will! ;)
ooh---camera-- must remember--i want to take photos this time!!

Danzibar said...

Well, my favorite part was the lettuce, but I also enjoy dancing...what type will you be doing at the event? My personal favorite is swing...but it's been far too long since I went and practiced my own skills... have a wonderful time! :)

Scotland said...

Ahh, I need to get up there! It all sounds like fun—especially when Bethany the sprouting comedian is narrating it all. I'll make sure something works out, maybe in the spring when it's cool and tickets are cheap.

Anyroad, all that to say keep posting away!

Rose said...

I tagged you on my blog!