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Saturday, August 8, 2009

summer dreams of winter

I'm feeling sort of dreamy this morning...I've been reading Lenore's lovely blog and that is influencing it... :)

I woke up at 8:45 this morning and was too comfortable to get out of bed for a while, smelling smoke--it was nice at first but got unpleasantly strong when I got up.

Off to farmers' market; the sun popped out at last and made our weak Oregonian eyes hurt! hehe, usually don't have to make that joke til winter.

And the title of this post----well, it's been quite chilly lately and I got out my red wool plaid skirt again, and last night actually considered wearing a jersey or whatever those thin sweaters are called, to the play: which was very good, again. I think last night was a bit better; I could tell all the actors were less nervous tonight, though. There was one bit where Phillip (onstage) had a terribly funny expression on his face when he was looking at one of the actresses (as he was supposed to), and she cracked up, and one of the other girls in the scene was trying hard, and the entire front row of the audience (including me), who all know the cast very well, were laughing.....whew! Fun stuff. But they were able to continue without much trouble, fortunately, and it was supposed to be a comical part of the scene.

Oh right, title: I guess I've just been thinking about winter recently. But I do not want summer to end!! Pretty soon we start seeing those loathsome "Back-to-school!!! REJOICE!!!" ads in the stores. They make my dad (a teacher) particularly unhappy.

There is yet time! And melons!!

The figs are pretty good, too.

At market we bought a bag of lovely soft green ones, and did not even get done with our next errand in town ( going to the Asian market for chocolate-hazlenut spread) before they were nearly gone. Back to market!

At last we are nearly done working at my grandmother's! Woot! The entire summer has been taken up with painting and cleaning and nail-pulling (not really. but it feels like that.).

Tis really rather lonesome in town this week, except for the theatre goings-on; one of my four dear friends is out of state, and is going to college in Michigan this year, and another is busy with relatives/camp all week, and my other two have grandparents staying through the weekend, and I just left a message to see if we can get together next week before we head off to the coast, but they don't get phone messages very quickly. Alas.

And I really must take some time to make a new header for ole bloggie! The generic green swirly thing at the top of this one is less than original!

I have decided to persevere and read A Tale of Two Cities. My mom was reading it out loud to me earlier in the year, but we never got very far. I can read very fast, and one does need to re-read Dickens' complex sentences to discover exactly what the subject was verbing adverbally to the object! So far it is going pretty well; I've heard it is so very good, that I really must read it.

I updated my "favorite things" list, in the sidebar! There's a poll about halfway down, as to where you'd rather go on holiday in Middle-earth.
Aha! the mail just came--I must venture forth and see if it includes Countryside magazine--then out down the street to pick wild plums--


Lenore said...

thank you dear!! I am soooo glad I could influence that dreamy feeling :) I try my best! And thanx for following, it means alot! ur awesome!!


Danzibar said...

A tale of two cities is awesome! I love British Literature!

...okay I just wanted to say that...

I have something quite particular to say about the genre:

I really do love English novels and movies, my favorite genre of movie is actually, believe it or not: English Comedies. Yes...and any type of British writing, esp. from that era has a Victorian cultural influence that makes the dialogue delightfully subtle. I enjoy witty humor oh so much!

Stella said...

Chocolate hazelnut spread....I cannot resist that stuff! YUM.

Bethany said...

Woot! People are commenting! Thanks guys!

Lenore--you're welcome! And thanks! :)

Dan--It is getting better and better! I agree, British comedy from the 1800s is the best!! The play I've been going to is just that sort. There's a terribly funny book called "The Irish R. M." (Resident Magistrate) by Edith Somerville and Martin Ross. There's been a TV series made from it, I've watched one or two episodes but the book is far funnier. You'd probably enjoy it greatly. It's influenced my writing quite a bit.

Stella--welcome! Oh yes, it is so hear stories about people that go to Europe and get simply addicted to it, haha. But alas, they were out of stock...evidently the manager orders it for folks that are keen on it (probably foreign college students)--not the sort of thing you'd expect to find in a tiny Asian market!