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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here's dinner! Clockwise from top left we have: flowers [duh], sweet corn, bland white melon, Ginger Gold apple, lemon cucumber, Daddy's homemade bread with green mozzeralla and basil, and tomatoes.

Ahem. That is not what I was talking about when I mentioned awards. I know you all rushed here directly you saw that tantalizing word on the "blog updates" section of your dashboard. [tehe] Here's Bethany's very first awards session!! The awesomeness is unimpeded!!! [I made that phrase up.]

Here's the Dancer Award: [okay, I had so much fun in Photoshop that I made two, and couldn't decide between them. You have options!]

Take it if you love to dance!! Specificaly, it goes to


And Calico Zak, and Equus Delirus, you like to dance too--you've admitted it--but this is a terribly girly award, you needn't take it if you don't want to! ;) ;)

and I KNOW there are a ton of other dancers out there, but I can't bring them to mind just at the moment--so please everyone, take it! :)

Next up we have the Goat Lover's Award.


Olive Tree [I saw a photo of a goat on your site, hehe]

Now somebody else mentioned they like goats...was it Kendra?

And Jillian!

There are more of you! Leave a comment, and I'll put your name on here! :)

The coveted Hazelnut Award for Random Awesomness! [A personal favorite :)]

Kendra Logan
Lady Hannah



Olive Tree

The HilarityAward! Oh dear. This is hard. You're all hilarious.



Danzibar [when you are funny, you are side-splitting. But you don't try to be funny often enough. ;) ]

Calico Zak

The Scotland Award!! Take it if you love all things Scottish!


Josiah [of course]


La Belle Blog [oh dear, is 'blog' masculine or feminine??] Award goes to



The Lovely Dreamy Moonlit Blog Award goes to

Rochelle Blue


[is it not pretty? I hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws. I think it's not an enhanced image tho, so hopefully we're okay...]

The Artistic Writer's Award goes to





and any other artistic writers! :)

The Anne of Green Gables Award goes to

Lauren Ann [oh dear...I can't find your webpage! Help!!!]
myself :)

+ Anyone else who LOVES Anne!! Or has Ann/Anne for a middle name!

Did I do it?? I did! I think I've awarded every blogger who's commented or I know well/almost all my followers! woot! Do you know how long this took to type??? All those links!! And making the awards in Photoshop!


Hannah said...

AHHH!!!!!!! I love my award!!! I'm taking the second pretty *drools*. :P

Can I take the Artistic writer one? :D



Gwyniver said...

YAAY! Thanks! LOVE the goat award!!!

Rochelle Blue said...

AHHHHH!!!!!! THANK YOU! Thank you soooooooo much!!! I absolutely LOVE my award!

*big hugs*

Kendra Logan said...

Thank you!! I don't think I said that I like goats, but I do, so can I still have that award? :) They're so cute and funny sometimes.

Thanks for the Hazelnut award! YAY for random awesomeness! :)

I take dance and love Anne Shirely, so I can have those, too?

Haha, thanks for all this! I do love your blog.


Danzibar said...

hey! If I was funny all the time then it wouldn't be special right?

haha! Thanks...I'm at college today and this was definately better reading than Physics II. There's just very little humor in electrical fields...even the puns are lame...but bear with me while I bore my way through chapter 21 and do integral calculations over charged fields...maybe I can be funny after it's all over hmm? As it is...I would rather be playing in the rain, or jumping out windows at that ;) ...heck! Even playing in down-town Nashville traffic would be better, but I'm afraid that I'd hurt the know how fragile they are. :)

Scotland said...


Haha. How ever did I manage that one, Bethany? :P


tinydancer said...

AAAAAAHHHHHH! thanx so much! I love them!!!!!!!!!! :D

Lady Hannah said...

Awwww! Thanks!!! *big hug* :D :D :D I am deeply honored. :) :)
-Lady Hannah :) :)

Evergreena said...

Wow! Thanks! It's awesome!

Lizzy Brown said...

Thank you so, for the award Bethany! :D I'll have to add it to my blog!