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Friday, August 7, 2009


Last night I went to the AAA Theatre performance--it was really good. Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband.
For those of you just joining us this evening [ ;-) ], here's a quick intro: the Alexander Avenue Actors theatre group evidently started back in 1993, roughly, and has been doing plays several times a year pretty much ever since. They're based out of one of the families' basements, the actors are mostly high school/college aged, and mostly self-directed.
The stage is just the basement floor, but the lighting system is splendid and complex!
It's really fun, I managed to get a front-row seat and you are practically in the actors' laps.
I took some photos last night, but they're mostly rather fuzzy. I'm going again tonight, and Monday, and shall endeavor to get better ones!


Scotland said...

Fun! Just thought I'd mention if I haven't already: I love the profile picture. It might not be new—but I just noticed it (again?) and thought I'd mention it.

Lenore said...

this sounds awesome!! I love theater!

Oh, thanx for the comment, and ur welcome! You have a great blog!!

how have you been dear?


Bethany said...

Scotland, thanks! I like it too. ;) A self-portrait in a wheatfield, that's why my arms are up. The old one was cute, with the baby goat, but you couldn't really tell what I was holding when the pic was small.

Lenore, Oh it is! Theatre has long been one of my favorite things to do!
I've been well! Things are finally settling down around here!