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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

turning up the heat!

We just got back from a day-trip to the coast. We decided it was well worth-while to escape the valley heat on the hottest day of the year!

The trip started out with my dad holding not one, not two, but three stalks of celery [with leaves attached] in his mouth whilst attempting to speak. [He told me to include that bit of trivia.]
Also in the picture were two of his thick sweaters. Yes, it was about 80 when we left but we always anticipate the coast to be cold. Oh yes, and a wool hat. We were nothing if not prepared.
I had specially picked two new songs from iTunes for the occasion.
That was when I got up at 5:45 this morning. I had gone to bed early, so as to be able to rise before the sun and garner a few hours in which to function without dripping with sweat
Took some nice photos in the wheat field across the street, of the sun rising swelteringly from a dusty haze. Practically as soon as the sun rose I could feel it warming up.

Here's a nice self-portrait! hehe

Pottered about Newport, Lincoln City, and other coastal areas. Nothing greatly out of the ordinary happened, save for a few humorous encounters with sundry enthusiastic dogs.
Here's me on the beach.

I am not doing anything, well, just sitting in front of the computer moving my fingers, and occasionally shifting, to avoid sticking fast to the chair...anyway, scarcely moving and there is a slow mist of perspiration forming on my brow! Ugh.


Scotland said...

Cool pictures! You're right about humidity being bad, but at least with the rain we've been getting (and let me tell you, it's a LOT of rain!! flooding in some of the streets!) it's finally cooled the temperatures a bit. 71° right now, high of 84°.

Rochelle Blue said...

stunning photos! especially the one of the sunrise... very magical.
I hope you enjoyed my unshcooling post =)


Bethany said...

Thanks! hehe I like taking photos!

Scottie, glad to hear things have cooled down there! flooding, yowps.

Rochelle, I did enjoy your post! :)
I'm more of a traditional homeschooler--although my parents are a lot less strict schoolwise than most homeschoolers I know!
I've just in the last year met a group of unschoolers, and I've read most of Teenage Liberation Handbook and agreed with most of it. Very intriguing.