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Sunday, July 12, 2009

a few things

It's cloudy this morning.
The young roosters are dad said, when he heard them, "time to do some neck-wringing!" But he's joking, we never eat our birds...and won't, unless things get really bad.
But the bantam chickens I buy don't come sorted, so it's always a guessing game as to who's the rooster. We only have an acre, so can't keep many roosters--the neighbors would probably not be too happy if they heard crowing as a general thing. Time to start advertising!
There are still cherries on the trees outside my bedroom, sweet wild cherries. I look out into a cherry orchard, practically!

My iPod is set to Shuffle--that's a pretty eclectic mix. Right now it's an introspective Celtic sort of thing, piano and vocals.

Have you ever smelled a potato flower? I knew they had flowers, but I've never seen so many as there are in my 'taty patch this year.

Yesterday when we were coming down I-5, through Oregon, we were all surprised at how crowded it seemed. I wasn't exactly homesick for Montana, but it came pretty close to that. I've always thought Oregon was the most beautiful state in the Union. Now I'm not so sure. The wild, the loneliness..."that empty land somewhere"...

I'll go for a walk later. Maybe that field of grain, half a mile across grass-seed fields, has not been cut yet. There's nothing so pretty as a field of ripe grain.

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