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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

life sings

Whoo! Life is good!

My parents and I worked for several hours at my grandmother's place today, painting and such.

My dad and I then proceeded to the local farmers' market. That was even more than usually wonderful.

I amassed several points on my recognize-people-I-know-while-in-town challenge.

Listened to several good musicians.

Then off to the co-op for cheese, where I saw more people I know, and poked around the parking-lot while my dad disposed of some recycle. The yard around the co-op has been beautifully land-scaped, with a lot of drought-loving plants and flowers. Thought I saw an oleander, but discovered it wasn't when I got up close.

We made our merry way into town again, this time to the Oriental market which somehow manages to have Dutch-made chocolate-hazelnut spread [which = epic!].

At one point, while driving in town, there was a pickup in front of us with two young guys riding in the back facing backwards. Rather awkward for me, as I was in the front seat and got stared at. Oh well.

We drove past the video-rental store and my dad and I simultaneously remembered we hadn't seen a movie in a while. [I haven't watched one in several months, I think.] But then we decided to go to the movie-theatre instead, to see "Food Inc.", which we'd been wanting to see. Our local, tiny theatre [The Darkside, it's called--there used to be a Whiteside, but it went out of business, I think when Carmike Cinema came to town.] Tonight is absolutely the last night we can go--the showings are almost over, and tomorrow we're going to see The Music Man in a local theatre.

Anyway, I'm excited to see it.

Here's dinner! I wish the photo weren't so out of focus. YUM! I love tomatoes!


Scotland said...

I can't believe I missed this one! That food is making me very hungry. I love tomatoes too, especially the way they served them for breakfast when I was in the UK.

Anonymous said...

haha! another old-post reader! you can't believe how handy it is to have a "recent comments" gadget, or I would have missed your comment!
yes, this was an epic post! lol
well i'll be of now, to me brekkers of eggs, bread and more tomatoes!