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Friday, July 31, 2009

and a tag

Okay, I haven't really been tagged, because most people I know aren't keen on them; but I thought it might be fun. If you're allergic to tags, well, that's okay, you can leave now, and come back in a little bit. Or just read my sidebar. :)

So here we go, on a made-up tag:

Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes---henna. It used to be blonde, but I got tired of dark roots in winter, and attempted to turn it that elusive shade of reddish-gold always emoted about in novels. It doesn't show much.

Thing you'd like to change about yourself? I'm too vain. I can never pass a mirror, or window, without looking at myself in it! I suppose it's better than hating how I look.

Thing you're proudest of: Probably making "Road to Freedom". That movie was an EPIC journey! I'll have to post about it soon.

Favorite vacation? Europe in '07. Definitely!! England and Germany.

Favorite star? Sirius!!! I've watched that in the South, at night in February, when you can see ice glittering in the moonlight.

Political leanings? Definitely Libertarian/Constitution Party. I did work at the Republican phone bank this election, for an epic length of time. Went to a few Tax Day Tea Parties on Apr. 15th. Waved signs.

Favorite smell? Eye-yi-yi! Hard one. Uh--probably goats. Or maybe lavender, or hay, or leather--and there's this awesome natural soap that I love, that smells just like a health-food store!

Perfume? I can't stand perfume!!!

Top of Hate List? Monsanto. Not the people who work for it, just that monolithic company that steals and destroys and hounds farmers.

Last holiday? To the Oregon Coast, on Tuesday.

What did you dream last night? Oh like I'm going to say...

A food you should eat less of? pasta, and other bread-type foods. Ohh but it's hard!

Favorite herb? Mugwort. It's related to wormwood; smells like sagebrush; we always go to the mountains in summer, to gather it. Wonderful tea herb! Promotes dreaming.

What are you wearing? Plaid shirt (faded lavender colour) and shorts made from a pair of decrepit blue-jeans. The holes were only at the knees, so snip snip!

A musical instrument you'd like to be able to play? The guitar.

Are you arachnophobic? Yep. Spiders are scary. We found a black widow the other day, in my grandma's basement. Yeieie!

Favorite word? Toothsome! [it means tasty]

Favorite month? Weather-wise, September. Or June.

What are you looking forward to right now? The AAA Theatre performance! Whoot! And folk dance, on Sunday night.

What are you going to do now? publish this post, look up some songs on iTunes, remember more stuff I should have posted, hopefully write some more [with pencil and paper], play with the goats.


Elizabeth J. said...

Hello there, this is my first visit to your blog (I arrived here from Evergreena's blog). If you'd like, stop by my blogspot. Oh, I have a tag on my blog that you're welcome to do. Here's the link

Bethany said...

Howdy, Elizabeth! Welcome!
Thanks for the tag; I've been seeing it go around on a lot of people's sites lately :)