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Monday, July 20, 2009

giving the goats a bath

Yes, I bathed the goaties today--it was 90+, and they have a penchant for sitting in the ash pit which makes their fur feel exactly like a chalk-board...

Spent about 4 hours painting walls, moving stuff etc. at my grandmother's house. Not fun. Then we had the thrilling experience of chasing out the deer...we had a very expensive deer fence installed but it's keeping the deer in...we periodically [after adjustments to the fence] have to chase them out...which involves a lot of beating the bushes and whooping frantically.

The AAA Theatre group in my hometown [I know a lot of the people in it] is putting on "An Ideal Husband" in August and I am very excited...have heard a lot about their impressive amateur productions...held in the basement of one of the main theatrical families. website here Have to reserve my seat! EXCITEMENT!!!!

Now if I was a good 40 years older than I am, I would have nostalgic memories of that "giant leap for mankind"--as it is, I'd scarcely remember it without Google!
What'll I remember?? I certainly do not have fond memories of election days/enaugurations *cough cough*
--how about "the fall of '09"? That was the 5th of October of last year--a major economic meltdown was predicted...didn't happen all at once like that. But it's coming.

That's what my count-down gadget is set to now...4th October, which is the full moon. Who knows if the moon has any influence on that sort of thing. But various sources are expecting something dire around the end of Sep./beginning of Oct. --which I think could be swine flu coming back meaner than ever, co-inciding with what my dad says naturally happens in the fall--an economic slump. Then there are reports of grain crops doing poorly around the US.
To make everything worse, our apple crop is very meagre!!! lol! Anybody else getting vibes like that?
And regarding the gadget, is anybody else seeing about 72 days, or is it just 00:00:00? Little electronic snafus! We love em!

Other randomness: My hair is long enough to tie into a knot. Not that it stays very well [no pun intended].

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