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Friday, July 31, 2009

County Fair

My dad and I went to Fair yesterday evening.
The weather had fortunately cooled down--I was very glad to be wearing jeans, as the coastal wind picked up around 8 and we were sitting on the bleachers.

We wanted to see Lady Antebellum at 8--were worried about being able to get seats, so we went at 5:30 and also saw a country group from California, Whiskey Dawn, perform. They were pretty good, did several classic country songs.

We wandered around, looked at my stuff in the 4-H building--my water-colour of a maple leaf (extremely detailed) got Champion, as did one of my photos, which I was excited about as the judge had not seemed terribly enthused about it on judging day! I'll post pics after fair is over.
Then into the animal barns--well, really just the goat barn. I saw people from my goat 4-H club, and the mum and sister of one of my dear goats.

Lady A was very good--I do wish I'd known their songs better than I did.
The traffic was dreadful, took about 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot. One the way out we saw two random guys fencing with what appeared to be real fencing swords, and of course I had to hoot and wave at them. Not the sort of thing one sees every day!

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