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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just finished a Western by Louis L'Amour--excellent. I've read a few of his books and really enjoyed them, but they mostly didn't seem very "deep". This one ["The Sackett Brand"] was so different! It was a follow-up from "Sackett", a traditional Western where the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after, just like all the other L'Amour books I've read. But in this one the girl [now the hero's wife of a few months] is murdered. That didn't become evident til about half-way through the book and I was just so surprised, and sad. The rest of the book becomes Sackett's personal quest for justice and vengeance.
Anyway, if you like Westerns, I highly recommend it!

My dad just came by and said that "our home is our campsite". We get all the fun of camping without having to crouch in a measly tent. Food can be cooked outdoors, but we've got a refrigerator. There's wildlife outside. In fact we've got everything except the tent!

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