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Sunday, July 12, 2009

here's a lot of pics from the trip! out of order, mostly.

me at Old Faithful

Glacier Nat'l Park

can she swim??!

these red tour buses abounded in
Glacier...I made a point of waving
to every one I saw, without many waves
in return!

She should NOT be on that wall--GET DOWN!

At Glacier, the road collapsed and they had to bring in the heavy equipment to get us out...JK!

A rather wary expression...

At the Little Bighorn battlefield.


At the art museum in Cody WY photos were allowed!

Here comes that bison!

At Yellowstone...that's me, far right...yes, that is the hat I wore!

The Grand Tetons!

A typical camp scene


Bethany said...

and the photos are laid out oddly--the titles don't match...grrr....use your imagination!

Jacob R Parker said...

Hey Bethany. Thanks for following! My family went to Yellowstone last fall. It was pretty cool. And the bison caused a lot of traffic jams, just like in your photo, except sometimes with whole herds.

Bethany said...

Welcome, Jacob! Thanks for following, your blog is pretty hilarious--which I'm keen on, lol.

Yes, that was an exciting moment, though I was most disappointed not to see any bears!

Jacob R Parker said...

Yeah, we were fortunate enough to see a bear. It caused quite a commotion, crossing right under the road bridge, and of course the wave of people are snapping pictures and rolling film on one side, pause, then rush to the other side. I think the bear itself could have cared less. I don't remember if it was a grizzly or a black bear.

Bethany said... does hear about "bear jams" I said in post a bit further down the page, "Be Bear Aware!" was the cheesy slogan everywhere. "Bears can get into bathrooms, but they can't get out"--but, as that was posted inside one of the camp facilities, it was a little late!

Scotland said...

Hey, I'm finally back! Will get back to your comments ASAP, but my email is down right now, so we'll see.

Anyway, love the pictures! Looks great! Will write soon.

Bethany said...

welcome! Just sent you an email!